Thursday 17 November 2022

Thursday, November 17, 2022

 You know, as I was typing that really creative title, it occurred to me that it’s something I’ve done almost daily for 31 years. I started by printing in white chalk, or sometimes coloured chalk if it was close to a holiday, on a blackboard. Later, I used dry erase markers on a white board. Every day, Monday to Friday, and if I had grade four that year, I also wrote it in cursive. Grade four or late grade three is when students learn how to write versus print, although I wonder if that will change altogether with everyone using keyboards or other forms of technology to communicate. 

I remember really working on my “ hand writing “, deciding what I wanted my signature to look like. You could tell who wrote what according to their writing style. Will young kids even do that anymore? But that isn’t even what I was going to post about. 

It’s been snowing gently on and off and it’s quite pretty. It makes me feel all cozy and Christmas-y. I could even start decorating but alas, my back (s.i.joint pain- my old nemesis ) is making some things rather tough at the moment. I blame this on having to sleep in awkward positions and lack of movement during my cancer ordeal and subsequent recovery. However, it’s nothing that targeted stretches and Physio appointments won’t solve.

Yesterday and today I’ve been enjoying my new read.

I’ve read Osman’s first two books in this series and I’ve gotten to really like the characters. 

I like to be in the den on days like these as the wood stove has been kept burning and it’s such a nice spot. 

Ignore the ashes that haven’t been swept up yet. It’s kind of an ongoing task. We chose that cream coloured stove years ago and it’s one of my favourite things in our old house.

As I’m typing this, husband is watching a video on YouTube about the making of the movie, The Battle of Britain. He adores movies like that, almost as much as he adores Hammer films (old Dracula and various other monster movies). Our daughter jokes that it’s like her dad is studying for a test on World War II. 

I’m not so much of a movie person. I watch more tv shows than my husband does. My slightly ADHD brain is better with hour long mysteries that I can fast forward through the commercials. He also has favourite movies that he enjoys watching over and over again. The only ones that I can do that with are funny Christmas ones and Monty Python movies.

We have, however, found common ground in watching the newest season on The Crown on Netflix. I realize it’s likely not completely accurate, but I like it regardless. 

And there you have what’s floating around in my brain on this snowy November day. 

Friday 11 November 2022

Good results…

 It took almost six weeks from when I had my surgery but I finally had my post-op appointment with my surgeon where I found out the final pathology results. I had a pretty good idea going in, but surprises can happen so I was anxious about this. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst as they say. 

Thankfully my results showed clean margins ( for those of you familiar with that term) , meaning no cancer was detected in the surrounding tissue that was taken at the same time as the cancer and no cancer was detected in my lymph nodes. My surgeon came in smiling saying, “ good news, huh!”

So the next step is radiation and I was delighted to hear about recent findings where, for early stage cancer, five days of radiation can have basically the same effect as 3 1/2 weeks of radiation. I do hope this applies to me as I’m quite a distance from the city where I would receive treatment. I won’t know for a few weeks but waiting has been my middle name lately!

So, this is all very good news. It’s been a hell-up-a thing but I know many women have had far worse experiences and outcomes so I count myself lucky in that respect. If there’s one piece of advice I would give, it’s get regular mammograms, even if you think nothing is wrong. The second thing I would add is to thank your nurse because there is nothing like a good nurse!

I leave you with this picture of happiness.

Monday 7 November 2022

Oh, pardon me.

 I guess I’ll brush my teeth at a different sink.

He often sleeps in the upstairs bathroom sink but he’s changed it up.

Saturday 5 November 2022

In One Day

 I have just finished reading this:

I started it late this morning and finished it this evening. Highly recommend it to any other Elly Griffiths fans. 

Today was strangely warm and windy, getting more windy as the day progressed. 

Other “ news”- I made a roast chicken for supper and it was lovely with mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli, and a pseudo Greek salad.

We helped friends of ours to set up a booth at The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto for three days and I felt like a decrepit old woman afterwards, feeling every joint and muscle!

One of my three chickens has apparently decided she is now going to start laying eggs again.

We had a grand total of twelve trick or treaters come to our door for Hallowe’en. Our daughter had about 140!