Reading List 2023

Elly Griffiths - The Night Hawks (4.5 / 5) This is a fantastic, most recent Ruth Galloway series book, it kept me reading steadily and I very much enjoyed it!

Patricia Cornwell - Livid  (3.5 / 5) This is the most recent Kay Scarpetta book. Here's the thing. It was interesting as the plot line was developing and was pretty scary thinking about the possible new weapons that are being developed out there in the world. However, again, I felt like the ending was rushed and too easily wrapped up and explained. I wasn't all that impressed with the Cornwell book before this one, Autopsy, and may have to rethink whether I'm still a fan. 

Peter Swanson - Eight Perfect Murders (4/5). This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I enjoyed it. I would read more of his.

Jonathan Kellerman- The Wedding Guest (3/5)

Peter James- The House on Cold Hill  (3/5) I liked this book right up to the last couple of chapters. The ending felt rushed and ridiculous.

Peter Swanson-  Nine Lives   (3.5/5) This is the second Swanson book I have read recently. I liked the first one, but in this one, I realized that the author mentions the same things he did in the first (references to Agatha Christie mysteries for example). This book is not a continuation of "Eight Perfect Murders" and does not have the same characters, so I started to wonder why he resorted to the same references. However, I do like the mystery aspect, so I will likely give him another chance and read one more of his books to see if it's a constant thing for him or not.

Peter James - Dead Simple  (3.5/5) This is the first book of James’ that I’ve read featuring the character  Roy Grace. Grace is an inspector who has to find a man who has been buried in a coffin as a prank gone horribly wrong. It was good but not excellent, however I would try another one in the series.

Peter Swanson - Before She Knew Him   (3.5/5) Again, this was an interesting plot and for the most part it kept me reading. 

Peter Swanson - Every Vow You Break (3.5/5) Another Swanson book, this one creepier, more suspenseful, but I think I need a break from this author. 

Kate Ellis - Dead Man's Lane (4/5) I enjoyed this one - another murder mystery with enough twists to keep me interested.

Lin Anderson - Paths of the Dead (3.5/5) Maybe because I am reading this out of order, rather than starting with the first one, I took a long time to get through this, as in it just didn't grab me, so I would read a bit, put it down for a few days, and so on. I would give this author another try, though.

Elly Griffiths - The Last Remains (5/5) I love Elly Griffiths' Ruth Galloway series so much. This is her most recent, and so I shall now sit, fingers drumming, awaiting her next book. Elly Griffiths and Anne Cleeves are perhaps my two favourite authors currently. I love a series and I love a mystery.

Kathy Reichs - Cold Cold Bones (3.5/5) I have read this author's other books, as they are a series. I'm not a watcher of the tv series that came from this series, however, as it is quite different. 

Kate Ellis - The House of Eyes (3.5/5) This was good, but didn't captivate me. I don't score a 4 or 5 out of 5 unless I can't keep away from the book and it causes me to put other things aside just so I can keep reading. Kate Ellis is good and I've read others, so she is a good one to fall back on if I need a book to read.

Ann Cleeves - The Raging Storm (4/5) I do enjoy Cleeves and this was the most recent (signed out of the library on a two week loan, as there are many others who are on a waiting list). I spent almost one whole rainy day reading it. It is her new series with inspector Matthew Venn.

Deborah Crombie - A Killing of Innocents  (4/5) I think I’ve read most of Crombie’s Kincaid and James books. This was a good one about the stabbing of a young doctor.

Lin Anderson- Follow the Dead (3/5) O.K., I think I’ve given Anderson enough tries. She is rather convoluted and I find my mind wandering too much when I’m reading. 

Richard Osman - The Last Devil to Die (4.5/5) The next in the series of the Thursday Murder Club is very enjoyable!

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