Sunday 3 July 2022

July 3, 2022 With Silver Bells and Cockleshells...

 I now have time to dote on my outdoor spaces. I've also purchased a new sprinkler because my old one was barely spraying and impossible to adjust. Today I gave the vegetable garden a good soaking because it's been a few days without rain. 

I still have my stakes and strings and some small or vulnerable plants are covered with wire to protect them from rabbits. I'm pleased with how well things are coming along. 

For comparison, here is a picture from June 5, about a month ago.

It's pretty stark, potatoes aren't up yet, lettuce barely germinated, tomatoes just little plants.

Even my herbs have almost doubled in size. (Now I just have to remember to use them!) You can see my weeding stools, something I can't be without now - so I can weed for a chunk of time without too much strain on my back. 

I'm very pleased to see blossoms on the tomatoes.

I just haven't been hugely successful with tomatoes the past couple of years. I don't think I even canned any last year. Blight was a problem. This year I purchased all my tomato plants and they are big and healthy, as opposed to starting my own from seed. I'll be using my own lettuce on our burgers tonight. It's a start!