Friday 29 September 2017

Having not Dropped off the Face of the Earth...

Hello anyone out there who might still be looking at my blog and wondering if I've stopped altogether,

I am busy with work, but I'm frequently busy with work and still managed to blog, so what's different this time? I just don't feel like writing right now. I also don't have anything but the mundane going on. I could take pictures of fading perennials or spider webs. I could tell you what I'm having for supper and how many calories it is and how I've been stuck at the same bloody weight for more than a month regardless of tracking every morsel that has passed my lips. (I have managed to lose 30 pounds but the last few are killers). I could describe the latest hot weather which has now turned into typical late September weather.

I've written about all of these types of things and I've just hit a wall. I read the blogs on my blog list and thoroughly enjoy everyone else's thoughts and musings and experiences. I truly do look forward to finding out about your lives in England, and the United States, and Greece, and Wales, and France, and other parts of Canada (sorry if I forgot someone). I've just come up a bit empty.

So, I am healthy, contented, taking care of my family and myself, letting cats in and out, getting ready for Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving is in a week), reading a bit, binge watching some British Netflix, wondering how long four years is going to be until I retire, and still picking green beans from my garden. It's all good.

No doubt I'll be back blogging regularly down the road. Until then, a very happy Thanksgiving coming up to all my Canadian friends!

Saturday 9 September 2017

As of Lately,

I have been fairly absent from blogging lately due to many busy times. My husband's mother finally got moved to a much nicer retirement home after a year's wait, which meant us packing up her belongings, ahead of time, storing them at our house (or in my case, driving around with my vehicle packed to the hilts until the precise time came when she was to move in), and then moving everything into her new room. Precise is really the word, as we were told she had to come between 4:00 and 4:30 in the afternoon (on a work day!). She is now moved in and much happier, although not really unpacked and I suspect I will be taking some time this week to get her more unpacked (dementia - organization is not really her forte anymore).

As well, our son started at a new highschool this past week due to his previous one closing (thank you Ontario government) and the changes and adjustments that came with that are being dealt with. Daughter went back to her fourth year at university, taking on the roll of Don again in a residence. She has Don duty from 8:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. for a few nights. I asked her when she sleeps!! Hopefully not at class time.

We feel like we went from summer ( a very wet summer) directly into late fall. It went down to 6 degrees Celsius! (That is six degrees above freezing). I feel like I might as well just rip out my vegetable garden now.

Here are some pictures I took in the past couple of weeks of what is blooming right now. There is still lots of beautiful colour in the yard.

This is a flower that was gifted to me by a work colleague. This was its best year (all that rain!) It is informally known as turtle head, but I am not sure of the specific name.

Here are the blooms up close. It is a really lovely plant for this time of year.

Of course, Rudbekia (Black Eyed Susan) is in its glory.

I believe this is called Pink Diamond hydrangea. It has turned an even darker pink since I took this picture.

I don't know what this little guy will turn into.

Last weekend, husband and I went out for brunch and then drove around the general area, about an hour and a half away from our home. It was a pretty nice day (i.e. it wasn't pouring rain) and we drove quite a bit along a lake and marvelled at the beautiful homes, imagining what these people must do for a living in order to be able to afford them! At one point during our drive, we saw this.

What is going on with that dead tree?

Oh look! A face!

And another face!

In this portion of our province, you can see many rock faces which are part of the escarpment. Many moons ago, my husband did quite a bit of rock climbing. He looks at these rock faces and imagines how he would tackle them.

This is also the time of year for flocking. A couple of days ago, I walked out into the kitchen and it was a scene from "The Birds". The pictures don't really capture how MANY birds there were. I think they are starlings.

We are currently watching news and weather reports regarding Hurricane Irma. A friend of ours is waiting to see what happens for her mother who lives in Florida and will be going to a shelter today. I'm hoping that with all the pre-warning, as many people as possible have been able to be prepared and get some place safe. But it's not just the actual hurricane, it's the aftermath and how long it will take to clean up, wait for the water to recede, and rebuild if necessary. I can't imagine. We've been to Cuba a couple of times and know what type of housing the average person lives in. I also can't imagine what a category 5 hurricane will do to those! Take care, everyone!