Saturday 20 December 2014

Danger Zone

I am entering the danger zone. (cue Kenny Loggins). This is the time where I am now off work for a bit, and I am questioning the shopping I have already done. Who doesn't have enough? What about the stockings? Are they equal? Do I need to get a bit more for this one? What about mine? Do I buy something else and just say, "Oh, just get me this." And what about the perennially impossible-to-buy-for husband????  Drives me nuts. This is when I forget what is already crammed in bags in  my closet behind the clothes hamper (not yet wrapped). This is when I enter stores and, in an act of  desperation, start buying little things, just in case it doesn't seem fair.

What also makes it tough is that teenage son has a very early January birthday. So you end up buying more for him and keep some of it back for the birthday. ( I know people whose birthdays are December 24th and December 25th and I think it must have really sucked when they were kids, feeling cheated out of a "real" birthday).

Can anyone else relate to the last minute scramble?

Oh, and I also begin my baking frenzy. I will, however, post about my favourite Molasses Spice cookies! Crackled on the top, chewy, moist and heavenly in the middle.

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  1. I hear you, Pat...but I don't stress out as much over it as I used to do. It will all be okay! xo Diana