Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Concerning this weather...

     O.K., I know it is very Canadian to talk about the weather, but seriously folks... it feels like October in the morning when I get up, and again at night, and pretty much throughout the day. We are not lacking in rain. The plants are growing (as well as the weeds) but imagine their delight if the temperature were to go up! Imagine how they would breath a sigh of relief at not having to huddle together to stay warm or brace themselves against the wind. Imagine how excited I would be at wearing something sleeveless.
    Yesterday I popped into a friend's for a quick visit and we sat out on her charming patio surrounded by daylilies and hydrangeas. It was beautiful. And cold. I think I literally shivered, short of teeth chattering, while we talked. She was wearing a sweater!!!  In July!
     I have heard the term Polar Vortex being thrown around to describe our current weather system. Others speak of global warming. All I know is I feel rather cheated out of a summer so far.
     We have a pool. It was a husband do-it-himself project. Yes, he put in his own in-ground pool. (Save that for a later post!). We heat the water using solar panels through which the water runs. This means our pool water heats up if there is sun. We also drag a "solar blanket" (large blue bubble wrap) over the pool at night. But unfortunately lack of sun and extremely chilly temperatures at night have resulted in a refreshingly brisk pool. This is sad. I think we may make better use of one of those nice metal firepits on the pool deck.

one of my favourite dark daylily called "Salieri"

glorious hollyhock catching a fleeting ray of sun

Hope you are having a nice warm day wherever you are, and enjoy a coffee on the porch.

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