Saturday 2 January 2016

Wrapping up the Old Year, Welcoming the New...

This is a quick "pictureless" post to say that this past week is over, time filled with being there for a relative who stayed with us for six days and who is suffering from dementia, so patience was required. We are now back to being the four of us, but only for a short time because today, after our daughter finishes her work shift (she put in some hours to earn some more money when she was home for Christmas holidays), we are driving her back to her home where she attends university. We are also shopping "in the city" (cue banjo music) with our son who is very soon turning 16!!!! He will be able to pick out some items from stores that we just don't have around these parts (banjo music can now stop).

Our green Christmas then turned white with wicked weather a couple of days ago and the typical icy, crappy road conditions we see at holiday time and on the weekends when plows and sanders take a bit of a break. Hopefully our driving conditions will be favourable when we are driving home this evening. We did not ring in the new year with any kind of frivolity due to hosting our relative and being the drivers for our son and his buddies attending a New Year's bash of their own. That's o.k. We are not really ones for big parties or dances on New Year's.

Do I make resolutions? Yes, I have in the past, but I'm kind of a goal setter at various times as well as a prolific list maker, so I don't really need a new year to create another set of goals. I actually do look back at old lists and am quite surprised when I realize that I have accomplished many of the things I have set out to do. I think that by writing them down it helps to seal them in your self- conscience and you accomplish them over time.

I've been enjoying reading others' blogs and seeing what they are hoping for the new year, as well as laughing at funny memes they are posting. My Windows 10 problem has been righted, but for the life of me, I don't know how. (??) I am about to pack up daughter's clothes for her (How many clothes do you need for two weeks?? The answer is a suitcase and a duffle bag full.) so that we can get going soon after she gets back from work. I will leave you with this: don't you just hate it when you discover two or three Christmas items that you missed when packing up the "twelve boxes of Christmas", and now you just plan on shoving them anywhere because you can't be bothered to get a box back out?  Can you relate?


  1. HAHAHA...yes, I can relate! That happens to me every year. There's always that item that Christmas item that gets left behind...and then shoved wherever :)

    Sounds like you've had quite a busy holiday season. Although I love Christmas and everything it's all about, I'm looking forward to getting back to normal.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Oh yes, I can relate! There has never been a year when I haven't put everything away in its box, put them away in the boxroom, sat down with a cup of welcome coffee and caught sight of something I have missed. Last year it was just a tiny wreath around the bottom of a candlestick, so I left it for the whole year.

    1. This year... the white and gold Santa and two figurines that were on the little side table in the front hall where husband moved it to make room for the tree. They are now jammed into a box in what I refer to as "the Rubbermaid room" on top of some fake everygreen boughs.

  3. Ha!
    I escaped that today....I looked around....walked thru the everything!
    Enjoy your week....back to normal!
    Linda :o)

  4. Happy New Year! Have fun in the big city. Hope you get all your projects and goals completed. I'm a list maker also.