Wednesday 30 December 2015

Windows 10, How do I Hate Thee, Let me Count the Ways...

Ahhhghghghgh, so we got talked into the free Windows 10 update, more than 30 days ago, and maybe I'm just a dinosaur who prefers things the way they were, but I'm so NOT happy with it. And yes, I looked it up, and after 30 days you can't go through a bunch of steps to get rid of it. Well, maybe someone can, but I can't in my limited capacity as a computer owner.

The latest thing is when I look something up, or click on a blog to read from my list of favourites, the circle thing spins for a while, then a screen comes up showing a little "thought cloud" and the words, "Hmm, we can't reach this page", then three suggestions: make sure you've got the right web address, refresh the page, search for what you want." I click refresh and it usually takes me to what I was wanting.  I end up having to do this round about way of getting to sites almost all of the time.

So... I don't see myself delving into my settings (or wherever I am supposed to solve this), nor do I feel like taking the computer to a professional for a chunk of money. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same luck with Windows 10?

On a different note, who has started packing up Christmas? I have the urge to take it all away now and get back to normalcy.

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  1. Just came across your blog while reading some of my favourites and spied your heading. I have installed the new Windows 10 on my laptop too and do have some issues with it. The worst has been when the cortana is down and I can't get to my start page. It took me ages to get around it. We have to learn.... why change something when what we have is working for us. Lets hope they iron out the problems sooner than later. I sympathise with you. Cheers Sue.