Saturday 9 January 2016

Weekend De-Clutter

I'm just pooped after getting back to work for a week, hosting a relative that requires a lot of energy, and running the roads. Last night was a basketball night which was a good game between my son's team and another well-matched team. It was close but the other team won. Oh well. Next time.

Today I slept in (ahhhhh), got up and visited blogs, went into town and got groceries, took empties back to the liquor store, and bought some new foundation and moisturizer which was delightfully on sale this week!! After doing a fridge purge and wipe,  putting groceries away, and folding a huge load of towels, I sat myself down and watched a couple of episodes of "Fixer Upper". Ironically, husband is currently working on that upstairs bathroom project. He, too, had a bit of a rest from renovating after getting back to work for a week. But he is back at it today, as well as taking phone calls from people who want to buy stuff he has for sale on kijiji.

Even though I am thoroughly enjoying doing nothing, I now have this need to get rid of stuff. Maybe it's the new year, post Christmas chaos, or watching tv shows with lovely decorated, perfect rooms, but I want to tackle a few spaces this weekend and just TOSS. My husband is a bit of a saver, and I am more of a get-rid-of-er.

My first mess to sort through is my bathroom drawer that holds all of my makeup, potions, lotions, brushes, etc. You know how you are supposed to get rid of mascara after so many months... blah blah blah. Well, I imagine I have some fairly old items in there, as well as others which I haven't used because the colour wasn't quite right. It's also time to get rid of eye liner pencils which are harder than granite.

after (trust me, it's better)

Hmmmm, well I am continuing this post after supper and my tossing kind of stopped at the bathroom drawer. I made a really good supper, though. At the grocery store that I usually go to, they have a great deli counter where they sell all kinds of salads and rotisserie chicken and other such food already made for you to take home and enjoy. I often look at the salads and am tempted to buy some, but find that they cost quite a bit for a small amount. So, today as a lovely girl was slicing up my turkey, I had a look at what was in some of these salads and decided to pick up some of the ingredients while I was at the grocery store and make my own in much greater quantity and, hopefully, at a fraction of the cost. So, tonight I combined chickpeas, edamame, red onion, chopped up parsley, cut up cherry tomatoes, and a couple of handfuls of "carrot slaw" which is just shredded carrot and a little cabbage and broccoli slaw. I tossed it all with an oil and vinegar herb dressing (just Kraft in a bottle) and it was, in my opinion, very good! I also made roasted chicken thighs with my secret weapon, Herbes de Provence, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.

I may continue my purging tomorrow morning. Next: the closet in the mudroom which houses cleaning supplies, vacuum, other stuff that doesn't have a proper home... Are you a tosser or a keeper?


  1. Oh! You are way ahead of me. That is my goal while John is going through treatment---to organize and purge while he is sleeping/recovering his days away. You are doing a great job! xo Diana

  2. We are having a huge clear out due to drastically downsizing, when I say we it's mainly me as Col is feeling very poorly, I shall be glad when his chemo starts. We now know we need to keep even less than we first thought so even after 3 car boot sales and the yard sale last year there is still stiff we don't need. The problem with owning a smallholding and large out buildings there was always room for a ton of might-come-in-useful stuff!

  3. I confess to being a keeper, but not as bad as my HG. I DID SCHOOL BOY GIGGLE THROUGH THIS POST oops sorry caps lock - as the word Tosser here is a daft insult!! I have lipsticks older than my children! I can't bear to get rid and they don't ale up that much room!! Your salad sounds lovely. Thanks for popping by my little part of the Internet xx

  4. I am definitely a tosser. And a ruthless one at that :) I've been a minimalist my whole life and too much stuff in the house drives me batty. I end up donating so many items each year and it's the best feeling in the world. Now we're selling our home and looking for a much smaller one...sooo...the thought of getting rid of close to half the stuff in this home makes me so happy! Party time :)