Wednesday 27 January 2016

Heard it Wrong

In a recent post I wrote how our daughter thought the line from a song was, "the saints, the opposums" (actually was the saints, the apostles) which got me to thinking about other words wrongly heard and then misspoken.

Same daughter, for years, thought the cute little things on the sides of your head were "pink tails". When she was much older and we discovered she'd been saying it wrong for years, she laughed hard at the realization they are in fact "pig tails".

When our son was little he referred to the infamous Canadian coffee and donut shop as "Timportance" (rhymes with importance). I thought it would be an amazing slogan and marketing idea to launch to the company (did not do so). Of course, it is Tim Horton's.

When daughter was little and dancing around, which she did for approximately 14 years, she was singsonging the words, "lifisbotta, lifisbotta, lifisbotta..."  What are you singing, hon? "Lifisbotta"
She was actually taking a little excerpt from Row Row Row Your Boat (life is but a dream).

I do not listen to a whole lot of recent music. I like what I listened to in my youth, teens, and early twenties. Besides the CBC, we listen to classic rock stations (dear god, I'm classic, maybe even retro). This caused our son to repeatedly sing in guttural tones, "I'm hungry like the worrrrlllld".  Yup, that would be Duran Duran, "Hungry like the Wolf."

There are probably more examples that I have forgotten. I have likely heard many things wrong over the years. My inability to hear things clearly forces my husband to put hands to mouth and shout, "The bless-ing!"
"the blessing!"  from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation


  1. Being quite deaf and wearing a hearing aid I often hear things wrong. I usually keep it to myself until I have heard someone say itbecause it can land me in a lot of touble.

  2. We laugh, but honestly, don't you love how children hear things. I once told my granddaughter(Sierra) that every where I looked in Reno , Nevada( near the Sierra mountains)...there were signs saying Sierra this and Sierra that, everywhere I looked....she was 4 yrs. old, she asked me, "did you find me nana?" Who could not love that. Hope you are staying warm up there. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Great post!
    Miss V sings " bing bang n g o" instead of....well you know!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    ps....thanks for your lovely words..

  4. TOO TOO funny. Our oldest daughter came home singing the National Anthem - Hosea can you see by the dawn's early light....I said, Honey- it is OH SAY can you see...she said NO it is Hosea (Jose) can you see because he only speaks Spanish and they are asking him if he can see the flag (Kindergarten). The other funny one is that our youngest son was standing outside with our neighbor when an ambulance went by. He was about 3. He came inside and said- that dammbulance just went by. I said-it's an AMBULANCE...he said- No- it's a dammambulance cuz that's what Grumpa (yes Grumpa) calls it. He called it that for about 3 or 4 years after that. lol
    What a fun post- I am trying to get a few blog visits in tonight while hubby is feeling good. xo Diana

    1. Thanks everyone for sharing your own examples. I love it when you come by my blog for a visit!! And I remembered another one: our son was watching out the window to see if his Papa and Nana were coming and he said they were because he could see the blue oboe. The what? The oboe. Papa has a blue oboe. What he saw was his Papa's car on the road. It was a blue Volvo. -Jenn

  5. Oh...this was funny! I should think about some of the things my kids said when they were younger. I'm sure there are many hilarious moments similar to what you've listed about. I'm a classic rock girl, too, so I guess I'm classic or retro. Or vintage :)