Monday 22 February 2021

Mundane Monday - February 22, 2021


 I was reading Joanne's post about purchasing a new pillow and the quest to find a good one. Well, there's nothing more mundane than sleeping (unless of course you suffer from lack of sleep, in which case sleeping would be a cause to celebrate). I thought I would pose a series of sleep questions today and see what the turnout is like.

1. Do you sleep on the right side of the bed, or the left? (From the perspective of being in the bed) Or do you have a bed to yourself, in which case, do you keep to one side or the other, or do you take full advantage of the space?

2. Do you use one pillow or two, or more?

3. Are you a sound sleeper, or do you wake a couple of times through the night (or more)?

4. Do you dream (or maybe I should ask, do you remember your dreams) ?

5. Do you have a source of sleep disturbances (e.g. a snoring partner, an obnoxious cat, the neighbour's barking dog, the snowplow)?

I shall begin the proceedings.

1. I sleep on the left hand side of the bed.

2. I use two pillows, but they are both rather soft and flat.

3. This is a tough one to answer because it has really depended on what stage I've been or what's been happening in my life. When our children were very young, I swear I could hear them shifting in their cribs and I'd be aware of any noise they made. When I was going through what felt like five years of perimenopause I was awake more than I was asleep. Now, I would say I am a pretty sound sleeper, until husband starts in on the "big snores". 

4. I used to remember my dreams vividly. I still am aware of dreaming, but tend to forget the details upon waking. About a year ago, when Covid first hit, I had some pretty disturbing dreams and was interested to find out I was definitely not the only one.

5. Early morning snowplows wake me up because we are on a dead-end road and the snowplow roars in front of our house, beeps on its way backing up, roars up a second time and beeps backing up again. Husband has become a snorer, so that can be a sleep disturbance as well. Sometimes our cats over the years have felt the need to wake me shortly after 6:00 a.m. on the weekend because they think I'm dead.

I look forward to hearing about your sleeping habits! 


  1. 1. Left side of bed
    2. One Tempur memory foam pillow
    3. Generally a sound sleeper, I fall asleep as soon as the light goes out
    4. I usually have dreams and remember some of them (Paul says he never dreams)
    5. Nothing wakes me (one advantage of being deaf)

  2. I have always preferred to sleep in a bed on my own even when my partner was here, and he was the same. I like a single bed and not a double. One pillow which I replace fairly often. I am a sound sleeper. I dream in the early hours and generally remember them; they are just dreams, not nightmares. I wake up at the same time each morning without an alarm clock. I often turn over and go back to sleep these days as I am not working. I used to have to get up. My cats climb on the bed and I usually wake up and am sharing with two, especially in winter. They know to keep either side of my legs at the bottom of the bed and do not disturb me.

  3. 1. Right side of the bed
    2. Two pillows
    3. Wake up several times a night
    4. I dream and remember some of them
    5. No source of disturbances - very quiet here in central MN

  4. Sleep? I am beginning to wonder what that is. I have been going through one of the worse spells of sleep issues. 1.Left Side 2. three pillows 3. very very light sensitive sleeper 4. I do dream & I remember many of them. 5. yes; snoring partner, naughty cats, neighbours slamming car doors, wind across the open fields ... & my own racing thoughts
    I read that researchers are studying the distributed sleep patterns world wide because of the COVID anxieties - that should be interesting reading ... Mary-Lou =^[..]^=

  5. Left side sleepier
    Two pillows
    Wake up many times a night
    Do remember most dreams
    Cat wakes me up at 4.30 for drink from bathroom tap
    No noises from outside since we live in the country

  6. 1. The bed is ALL MINE, baby!
    2. Two pillows, side by side.
    3. I haven't had an undisturbed full night's sleep since menopause 13 years ago.
    4. I do dream but rarely remember them more than 30 seconds after awakening.
    5. Urban street noise can wake me up -- snowplows, snow blowers, semis backing up to unload at nearby stores (beep, beep, beep), screaming car racers, etc.

  7. I, the Tigger, own the whole bed. A few years ago my huMum realized that my huDad always chose the side of the bed furthest from the door - at home, in holiday rooms, visiting friends places etc. Even he didn't realize he was doing it. So our arrangements depend on the relationship between door and bed. I sleep in the middle. Humans have pillows, I have humans. I sleep soundly unless I develop the need for a snack, in which case my humans have to be awake too as they can open the drawer where the can-opener is kept - a couple of pats on the face normally does the trick. If they ignore me I walk on them. Of course I dream - there is lots of running and whisker twitching involved.

  8. Love these posts of yours!

    1 - I sleep on right side in our king size bed, but often one of us will gravitate across the wide expanse to cuddle on the other ones side.
    2 - I use two pillows; one under my head, the other alongside my body and "leaned" on.
    3 - A sound sleeper? What's that? I fall asleep with no problem at all, but then I wake from 4 to 106 times each night. Sometimes I can go right back to sleep. Other times I'm awake for 2-3 hours. I hate my sleeping pattern.
    4 - I remember dreaming but most often can't remember the dream.
    5 - No sleep disturbances except for whatever it is that wakes me so frequently during the night. We live deep in the woods and rarely hear outside noises. Except for coyotes and/or wolves serenading one another now and then.

  9. The right side is mine, if you are facing the foot of the bed. Because I'm the one who gets up more for telephone, noises, bathroom. One pillow, very flat. Any more and my neck hurts. I'm a light sleeper usually, although lately I've been sleeping more soundly and it's such a joy. I do remember my dreams--last night I was somehow working in a train tunnel, diverting Nazi goods somehow. All very tense and stressful but the end of the dream was good. I think this came from Larry's binge-watching old war movies, LOL. Any little sound can usually wake me, unfortunately.

  10. I used to sleep on the right hand side of the bed but a certain cat has decided that is his spot so now I sleep on the left hand side. I have six pillows on the bed but only use two to sleep. I tend to sleep on one side or the other so I fold one of the pillows and tuck it under my neck and head. If I don't I wake up with a headache.
    I wish I could sleep through the night but I'm often awake two or three times to use the bathroom. Lately I've been trying to cut back on drinking water in the evening but for some reason I'm always thirstier then, than in the early part of the day. Weird.
    Speaking of weird, I definitely have weird dreams but don't remember much of them when I wake up. I know I was dreaming about being at work last night which is really strange since I've been retired for two years.
    The only thing that generally disturbs my sleep is my alarm cat. Same cat who has claimed the right side of the bed is responsible for a 7:03-7:10 call out for his breakfast.

    Take care, stay well!

  11. I sleep left side and two soft pillows too. Happy New Week Jen.

  12. I'm not sure I know what sleep really is. I do nap, though. If my body gets tired, it naps. Pillows needed to keep head upright to breathe. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  13. Right side of the bed, and mostly on my right side sleeping, and one very full feather pillow. I used to snore very bad, I also came from a family of twelve children, so I grew up recognizing that sounds were just part of living in a house of so, I used to be a very sound sleeper. Eight and a half years ago, I was introduced to the CPAP, and I had no idea how little sleep I was getting every night. I get such sound sleep now, that at most nights I can wake with only 5 or 6 hours of sleep, and feel awesome, and start my day in the wee hours of the morning. I never remember if I dream. Great post!

  14. I sleep on the left side of the bed as I’m lying in it.
    One pillow
    Up a few times a night for the bathroom either me or the dog
    I do dream. I’ve been having weird Covid dreams which is a thing apparently
    Sleep disturbances - snoring husband, dog who needs out a couple of times a night

  15. Left side ~ 2 pillows, bottom one is soft, the top one is more firm ~ sometimes I sleep soundly, other times up once or twice ~ I don't remember my dreams as much as I used to, but I'm cool with it ~ the dog sometimes dreams and barks (ugh), sometimes the spousal unit snores loudly, or sometimes I snore and wake myself up!
    I still haven't found the perfect pillow...makes me wonder if there is one?

  16. 1. Do you sleep on the right side of the bed, or the left? I am on the port side (bed as boat)
    2. Do you use one pillow or two, or more? many, a few to wrap my limbs around

    3. Are you a sound sleeper, or do you wake a couple of times through the night (or more)?
    I wake but go back to sleep easily.

    4. Do you dream (or maybe I should ask, do you remember your dreams) ? not usually, worse luck.

    5. Do you have a source of sleep disturbances (e.g. a snoring partner, an obnoxious cat, the neighbour's barking dog, the snowplow)? Snoring partner. the dog stays at the end.

  17. Left side of the bed and two pillows. Very light sleeper and wake up often and sometimes can't get back to sleep. Dream and sometimes remember and sometimes it fades on waking. Husband wakes me with snoring and restless legs sometimes. Enforced retirement due to covid and am now always awake early but if relaxed try to stay in bed until a reasonable time but if not relaxed get up and check in on blogs for entertainment.

  18. Oh, this is fun. I sleep in the middle but when Rick and I can sleep together again, on the right. (Lizze will be very put out about this. Right now, we fight for the middle.) As for pillow, it all depends. I use my squishy pillow I've had for decades (I know -- not proper, but when I don't have it, I don't sleep well) and usually something small under it to level me out. I usually get up a couple of times each night to hit the bathroom. I do dream but I don't remember them often. Mostly, no sleep disturbances. Usually I am the sleep disturbance -- coughing a lot till I settle and (I'm told) in the night) and a lot as I start to awaken.

  19. I've just read through these first eighteen comments and even though it is a "mundane" topic, I find it fascinating to learn about your sleeping habits! I think more women are sleeping on the left side of the bed (Ummm, Ur-spo, I don't know my port from my starboard!), and quite a few of you are up through the night. You should be commenting on each others' blogs then, as you are all awake anyway!
    Keep the comments coming! I love this!

  20. I used to solemnly declare sleeping to be an official hobby when I was a kid, I loved it so much! I'm a leftie, too, with one feather pillow for sleeping and a second for propping up for cup of tea and blog perusals in the morning, as is happening right now :) Definitely wake for loo visits (TMI??) and sometimes have trouble going back to sleep but other times it's no big deal. Yes, a big dreamer, and sometimes remember them, and my dreams will often have a soundtrack to accompany them, and are in colour - apparently some people dream in b&w!! Noisy birds will wake me - they seem to compete with one another to prelude the dawn - and when I thus have my most murderous thoughts for the day.

  21. I sleep in a single bed, on my back, with one pillow. I may dream, but have no recollection. I sleep soundly and wake up to the alarm daily.
    When married I slept on the right side of the bed, farthest from the door and the children.

  22. I sleep on the left side of the bed, on my right side, with two pillows. Rarely do I dream and remember it. I sleep very soundly and have always done so. The only thing that wakes me up is when the coyotes hunt behind my home in the forest. The howling and screeching resulting from the hunt is horrifying. Once the silence returns, I immediately go back to sleep.

  23. 1. I'm all over the bed. I occasionally move from the bed to the futon in the spare room.
    2. Two pillows. One for the arm, the other the head.
    3. I sleep for about four hours, have a wake period, then another three or four hours.
    4. I frequently have construction dreams. Full on house building! And wake up exhausted.
    5. The cat often wakes me up. When she has her little fits in the middle of the night, stuff flies, she jumps on me, jumps off, knocks things down. I shut her out of the bedroom but then she bawls....can't win.

  24. I sleep on the left side.
    1 memory foam pillow
    I start out on my back, roll to my left side, back to my back sometime in the might.
    I fall right to sleep but usually wake up between 2:30-4:30 to potty and get a drink of water.
    I rarely remember my dreams.
    We sleep in the basement so it's very quiet. Sometimes I'll wake from Farmer snores or My snoring or the furnace kicking on but not often. When we slept on the second floor, we would sleep with the windows open in the warm months. I loved it. Except when we weaned calves and all the cattle called to each other for several nights. I loved hearing the wind, rain, gentle storms, coyotes, birds, planes, combines during harvest (some of our neighbors work late into the night). I miss seeing the moonrise & starlight from our big windows. But I have to say I do like having the bathroom just around the corner instead of down the stairs and across the house. And I like that I'm warm or cool as the time of year dictates. Upstairs we had only 2 registers for the whole floor and no air conditioning. Here on the prairie, it gets both very cold and very hot/humid.

  25. Left side of bed; start night on my left side, but I'm not much of a sleeper; like a burger being cooked on the grill--flipping back and forth all night. Use several pillows. Seems like I sleep in 2-3 hour increments. V. light sleeper since my children were born (starting 45 years ago...). Read in between sleep sessions. Dreaming is hit and miss. Sometimes remember dreams when I first wake up. Wake myself up when I have the occasional nightmare.

  26. Left side when married (no choice) now mostly right side of bed but 'starfish' on tummy everywhere.
    1 feather pillow
    Remember some dreams
    Sleep through the night
    Fairly quiet neighbourhood here.

  27. 1. I now have the bed to myself so I usually sleep on the right side for a week and then the left side for a week. Sometimes I end up in the middle if it has been a rough night :)
    2. I have one fairly firm pillow that I put my head on and then a couple that I use to either cover my head or hug
    3. I can be a sound sleeper but life events (divorce, my mom dying) have kind of played havoc with my sleeping. Some nights I sleep well, other nights I am awake for 2 or 3 hours in the wee morning hours.
    4. I have pretty wild dreams and usually remember at least some of the story line.
    5. My biggest sleep disturbance is my bladder :)