Saturday 28 May 2016

Hot and sunny ... love it!!

You will not hear me complain about the heat we are having at the end of May. I absolutely love the fact that I could go outside this morning in shorts and a sleeveless top. I was also wearing a very old pair of red "holey sole" slip on shoes (like butt-ugly crocks) which are apparently very scary because Scooter kept running away from me when I was trying to take pictures. I used my little Samsung tablet to take these pictures but realize that the quality is definitely lacking. Even our little cheap point and shoot Canon camera is better than this, but here you go...

This is the bed I totally cleaned out of shrubs and perennials last weekend. I'm planning on putting hydrangeas  and hostas in.
Sweet smelling viburnum bush  

The rhubarb is doing well. Time soon for a strawberry rhubarb crisp!

This is my shameful vegetable garden that is not yet completely weeded and rototilled. The strawberries are trying to take over the world and of course I let them without leaving a space here and there to walk, picking strawberries is going to involve some pretty amazing yoga poses or gymnastics.

I have window boxes and urns to plant in front of the shed. I haven't decided on a colour theme yet.

Stay still so I can take your picture, Sammy!

I cut this purple lilac way back last year and now I have some blooms. They smell like heaven.

White lilacs that were on the property when we bought it

There are many planting and weeding projects to keep me busy this weekend. I can't wait to finish that front bed and all of my pots and planters!


  1. Ah...a clean, empty flower bed is like a blank canvas. Have fun with that! Although picking strawberries might be a challenge, you'll enjoy the sweet taste, I'm sure!

  2. Your lilacs and the snowball bush are so pretty. Sammy is not having any part of posing for s photo .LOL. What a great it. Blessings , xoxo, Susie

  3. There is always so very much to do outside this time of year. But such feelings of satisfaction when we can see the efforts of our own labor. Enjoyed the walk around your property!

  4. It's warm and sunny here too. Gorgeous photos xx

  5. We had no luck with lilacs, here. I remember towering bushes of blooms from my childhood. I think salt runoff from winter road salt is a problem.

  6. Your Samsung tablet actually did a pretty good job. I love lilacs. If only the blooms lasted all summer long!

  7. Great photos, and everything in your yard is really beautiful! I'm not going to complain about the heat either, but the humidity could have stayed away a little longer! Onward to summer we go!! I hope you've had a good Memorial Day Weekend that maybe included that rhubarb and strawberry crisp!!

  8. Love your shed!
    Show us when you get it planted up!
    Linda :o)