Monday 12 October 2015

Rose Coloured Glasses

I just love the colours of autumn. We are now seeing more beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellow in the leaves of the trees around us. They were a little late this year, perhaps due to the wonderful warm September that we enjoyed. The maple trees, the sumacs, and burning bush are all in their glory.

When the children were younger I would point out the colours as we drove together. I even commented on the deep golden yellow of the cornfields. As well, I would say how the cows looked so lovely and reddish brown against the green fields. I couldn't understand why the kids weren't oooing and ahhhing about all the pretty colours. Maybe I just appreciated them more.

This would occur the next autumn as well, me going on and on about the beautiful colours. Even the weeds in the ditches were lovely. Yellows and purples complementing each other. The silver maples, showing the silvery undersides of their leaves in the wind were also pretty. The only one who seemed to marvel over these beautiful colours was me.

And then one day my daughter pointed out to me that it was my sunglasses. She said I should take them off. Yes indeed. I'd been seeing the world literally through rose coloured glasses.
Normally I can be a bit of a negative grouch.I don't sugar-coat things, or hand out false complements. I am not one of those constantly happy people who always sees the good in everything. I'm probably somewhere in the middle of complete depressive and insanely joyous. But I really, really loved what the world looked like through those sunglasses. Everything was gorgeous and perfect and technicolour.

When we were on vacation in Cuba one March, I had set down my sunglasses with the rose coloured lenses in a washroom and forgot to pick them up on my way out. When I realized what I had done and went back to the washroom, they were gone. I did bring another pair of sunglasses with me, so I used those instead. When we returned home after the vacation, it wasn't too long before I was looking for another pair of sunglasses through which I could see a perfect world. I do not require designer sunglasses. They do not have to be expensive or act like a status symbol. They just have to be rose coloured.
 These are not my sunglasses.  My first ones were white framed, and my current ones have a tortoise shell frame, but these are cute, too.


  1. How funny that your kids pointed that out. I tend to look at life through rose-colored glasses most of the time. I think it has helped me get through some really tough times. How sad that you lost your glasses in Cuba...that must have been a long time ago when travel was allowed there. I am glad to see the "border"is open again. xo Diana

    1. Because I am Canadian, travel to Cuba isn't a problem. I am actually curious to see how things go as relations change between Cuba and the States. -J.

  2. Nothing wrong with looking at things through rose coloured specs - we all need a bit of help at the moment to see beyond all the troubles in this world.

  3. That is sooo funny. Sunglasses give me a headache. What does that say about my rose colored world? Ha.

  4. Hello!!! I've popped over from John's blog and thought I"d say hello! I'm off now to read back through your blog and learn all about you! Hope you have a great day!!

  5. I saw you comment on Johns Going Gently Blog and popped over to visit to boost your numbers! :-) Love your Autumn pictures

  6. and forgot to say I'm adding you to my reading list too

  7. Just popped over to say hello. I read on the 'going gently' blog that you still get a thrill when you see a comment. I too have some rose coloured glasses and know exactly what you mean. xx

  8. I have popped over from John Gray's blog, having read your comment. I am not currently blogging, although I do have a dormant blog, so you won't need to feel you must reciprocate by visiting mine ;)

    I really enjoyed reading this post, my introduction to your blog. I found myself nodding in complete agreement with some of the things you said, so I shall make a point of returning. I hail from South Africa in case you are wondering. My nest emptied some years ago, and refilled with rescue dogs who keep my husband and I busy and entertained.

    Keep writing...your readership will grow!

  9. Holy cow, Batman!! I was absolutely shocked to see all of the comments waiting for me on blogger today. I was over at John's Going Gently blog where he was sharing how many page views he had (it was A LOT) and I left a comment saying I get thrilled when one person wants to leave a comment. So I just want to say thank you so much to all of you who came to visit my little piece of the world. I really appreciate it and will be checking out all of the bloggers who have newly visited me!! -Jenn

  10. Hello there, I don't know if you know when comments appear on old blog entries but I'm leaving a deposit anyway. I've just found you and am trawling through your back edition and have to stop to chime in. I've just started my own blog about a month ago - like you, once just a lurker around and about the lives of others until the urge finally came to try my hand. Still learning how it all works. But just to remind myself that there's nothing new out there to say, I read this entry...I did a post myself about coloured glasses. Oh well, great minds and all that...