Saturday 31 October 2015


I wasn't going to do a Hallowe'en post, but then when I was driving home on my usual route from getting groceries today, I saw this.

Isn't that awesome??  It's actually painted ( I guess) onto the horse!!!! I laughed when I drove past, then thought, hey that's what cell phones with cameras are for. I turned around and pulled over and took a couple of pictures. I didn't figure the owners would mind, because if you are going to paint a skeleton on your horse at Hallowe'en and put it in a paddock close to the road... well, people are going to take pictures. Here's another shot:

Then I got to reminiscing about Hallowe'ens of past years. Our two kids always started out by going out with one, if not both, of us around our little village. There certainly are enough houses here to satisfy any trick-or-treaters' needs. I don't have pictures of them when they were very little that I can import into the computer, but here are some fun pictures after we got a digital camera.
Pretty sure I know who would win this fight. 

There seems to be a theme here.
We usually decorate the porch for Hallowe'en. When the kids got older, they helped a lot.

As the kids got older, the look turned more toward gore. This is my daughter's makeup job on my son. 
When you are married to someone who likes to use tools, sometimes carving the pumpking can become a bit unconventional.
witch's fingers cookies!
That last photo is of cookies that I made with the kids one year. They are basically a sugar cookie recipe that you form into finger shapes. You use a sliced almond for the finger nail. If you look closely, you will see one that is supposed to be a toe. Later, one of the kids told me that they didn't really even like these cookies, they grossed them out! Oh well, you don't know until you try.

This year my son is too old to go out trick-or-treating and I don't know what shenanigans my university-aged daughter is going to get up to. My husband and I will take turns getting up off our respective couches to hand out candy at the door to whoever shows up. My husband LOVES the old black and white horror movies, as campy as they are, so no doubt he will want to watch one this evening. I went to the library today, so I will have a couple of books I can read while he is watching his movie and glance up occasionally to see what mummy or dracula is up to no good.


  1. How fun to look at those old pictures...amazing how the kids change from sweet little pirates and ballerinas to zombies and the like, isn't it? Hope you enjoy your evening reading while the hubster watches old B&W films. We are watching Rose least I am

    Have a great night and a wonderful Sunday! xo Diana

  2. your photographs made me smile, especially the horse. I hope it washes off!

  3. Hi Jenn....
    Thanks for your visits to my blog...and your lovely comments!
    That a Horse is awesome! Some people have such great imaginations!
    Love your kids pics....I remember those days...for sure!
    I think next year...I will feature a few of their homemade costumes! Fun!
    Hope to see you again!
    Isn't this weather great?
    Whereabouts are you in Ontario? I am in Mississauga....
    Linda :o)

    1. The weather has been amazing!! Twenty degree weather at the beginning of November? Unheard of! I am probably three hours west of you, in the Grey Bruce area of Ontario.