Wednesday 10 June 2015


I thought I had dodged the frost. I kept my purchased vegetable plants in the mudroom overnight for two nights. I left them out on the porch for another day or two to get them acclimatized. I put my seeds, potatoes and onions in. Then I finally planted my plants. Well, I guess it was still too cold. I lost all of my tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini. Also, something ate my kale and my parsley. All I have left are some peppers. Why they didn't die, I have no idea. Also, nothing has germinated.

So... I have supported my little local greenhouse a second time and purchased more plants. I have also replanted beans, peas, lettuce, beets and now I have even thrown in some spinach and zinnias for colour. Tomorrow I will put in my plants.

I remember June weather that was HOT. I remember people getting out their fans in June. I remember people swimming in June. This will be our third cold summer in a row if this continues. I know I am odd in this sense, but I will never complain about the heat. I like the heat. Even humidity doesn't bother me. I was sitting in a sauna with my husband and a friend of ours. The friend looked over at me with disbelief and said, "You're not even sweating!!"

So, c'mon Mother Nature. Give us a summer, please. I live a simple life. I get a lot of pleasure from planting a seed, watching it grow and then enjoying fresh food. I will include in a future post when these newest seeds have germinated. Are things late in your neck of the woods?

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