Sunday 31 May 2015

A Book in Hand

I love reading. Mostly books that involve some kind of mystery to be solved. One of my favourite authors of all times is Louise Penny. She writes about Chief Inspector Gamache. Often set in the Eastern Townships of Quebec (but an English read), they are incredible, rich, multi-layered, well-thought-out, breath takingly beautiful books with interesting characters and gripping story lines. When I am reading these books, I want to see what the characters are seeing, read what they are reading, eat what they are eating, and I never want them to end. I am currently reading, The Long Way Home in which the Chief Inspector is retired (but is he ever really retired?) and I am in chapter nineteen of forty-one. I am actually happy that the day here is gloomy, cold, overcast... I love the quiet of a "reading day". I will likely finish the book today and be a bit depressed that it is over. It is her most recent book and I am always awaiting her next.

I am "old fashioned" in that I take books out of the library. I like going to the library and being excited about finding another good book to enjoy. Because I often read mysteries, I very rarely read them again (already solved!), so I do not buy many books, although I do buy some so I can take them on vacation, or if they are particularly special for some reason. I have a Kobo reader, but rarely use it now. I like a book in hand.

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  1. I like the feel of a "real book" in my hand, too I am slowly getting rid of books that I know I will never read again. I have so many that need to find a new home. There are some that I have read 2 or 3 times so I will keep those. We are thinking of downsizing and that means some books go! xo Diana