Monday 29 June 2015

It's like a scene from Teletubbies around here!

I really really like rabbits. I have never had one as a pet, but I think they are charming. I used to read Beatrix Potter stories to our children when they were little. I love greeting cards with rabbits on them, preferably upright, wearing something semi-formal. I have a couple of rabbit statues here and there in my gardens.

But this, people, this is ridiculous! Last night there were three THREE rabbits in the back yard. Brown cottontail bunnies eating their way through god knows what. The cat only brings home baby bunnies (yes, that bothers me). He has completely disregarded the bigger ones. No doubt they are bigger because they are growing large and healthy on my plants.

I have NO intention of fencing in my property. It's too large. I will also not be putting a fence around my garden, or flower beds. I might attempt the old Irish Spring soap trick. (Does it actually work??) I haven't captured any photos of the little darlings yet, so this will have to do.

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  1. OH- I love those rabbits, too, Jenn. I just think they are so cute---but they can wreak havoc on a garden, that's for sure. Not sure if the Irish Spring soap works or not----but at least they will smell good if they are around it!
    IF you can I would love to have a direct email address for you for when you leave me a comment. You come thru as a no reply blogger so I can't respond to you directly. xo Diana