Sunday 5 July 2015


Lately it has been rainy and cool, especially in the evenings. But yesterday it finally felt like summer. I do not complain about the heat. I like it to feel hot and muggy. People complain about the humidity that we experience in southern Ontario, but I don't mind (when it does happen). We have not had a hot, muggy summer for two years now. They speak of global warming, whereas I feel that things have become colder.
 My husband (and the rest of us when there were jobs that we could do) put in a pool a few years ago. It is an inground pool. We were barely in it last summer. The hottest day of all happened to fall on husband's 50th birthday, thank goodness, so people could go in the pool and enjoy it. I have yet to go in the pool this summer. I like it to be AT LEAST 80 degrees. (Higher would be even better). We do not have a heater for the pool. We rely on the sun. Husband, as is often the case, designed and created solar heating panels. The idea is the water runs through pipes against a black panel which helps to heat it up and then it is directed back into the pool. We have one functioning panel on the roof of the pool house. There is another "not-yet-hooked-up" panel on the roof as well. This past week, a third (not-yet-hooked-up) panel was added to the roof. It takes a few arms to do this and daughter's boyfriend and our son assisted husband in the task.
Two ladders are required for this job. You can see the pipes snaking back and forth against the black background. There is a clear corrugated piece missing from this panel which will be replaced before the final hook up.

The ladders act as ramps.

Almost there. Don't let go!

At roof level now.

Husband ready to drill in the brackets to hold the panel in place. This part of the roof is west-facing. You can see the setting sun because this was done after supper. The other two panels are south facing.

Something made son laugh.

Supervisor looks on. He approves.

So... we are one step closer to having a warmer pool with the global cooling we have been experiencing. Today is supposed to be lovely and hot. Who knows, if it gets to 80 degrees, I might just go in!!

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