Wednesday 21 September 2016


You know how you start eating "clean" and you cut back on all the junk, and then two days later you step on the scale and actually have to audacity to expect to see a change? Ya, well that's where I am.

Anyway, I shall persevere.

Was the song that goes, "Sunrise...sunset...sunrise...sunset..." from Fiddler on the Roof? It was in my head when I took this picture this morning.

Again, thank you to my neighbor for having his property in my picture. Oh well, that's what you get for building east of me. It was a really lovely day, weather wise. No jacket required, crickets chirping, still tomatoes ripening outside, just really nice.

Who was peeking at me while I was admiring the morning?

Hi Sammy. He comes in, he eats, he hisses at the other cat, he goes back out.

If you read much of my blog, you know that I have been pursuing the answer to my back pain. It's been almost a year now. It hurts most at night (base of spine, hips). I finally saw the rheumatologist who ordered x-rays and took my history. Bottom line(s)- I'm 50 and all that entails, (and I'm thinking, "but I'm only 50"), I'm too sedentary and need to get back into moving a lot more and working on my core, my x-ray shows some degenerative arthritis in my lower back (which sounds scarier than when she translated that into "wear and tear"), and my tailbone (coccyx) is displaced. She asked me again if I had an injury. I can't think of anything recently except falling off my rolling office chair when I tilted too much, but that happened after I was already in pain. Maybe childbirth messed me up a long time ago?? She told me that there wasn't anything we could do about that anyway. So I am on some wicked anti-inflammatories which I am going to trade in for some coated ones from my own doctor so I can digest again without pain (or another prescription for an ulcer!), I'm walking a lot more, and I am still doing physio.

Yes, but I am not healed after the first session, or the second, or the tenth...

I've even tried acupuncture.

But most of the time I feel like this:

I'm not going to let this side line me. I really think if I can lose some of this perimenopausal weight from hell, and strengthen my core, and stretch daily then I can start to feel like the old me (hah! the "old" me... no, maybe the new me).

Something I like to say to myself when I get caught up in a personal pity party is, this too shall pass. Every rough patch I've been through in my life has run its course. No health , emotional, professional, or relationship problem has lasted forever. They have all worked themselves out with varying amounts of effort. I believe I will at one point in the future think to myself, "Remember when I had back pain? "

Now I shall wash more of my tomatoes that are sitting on my kitchen counter, windowsill, in baskets, and freeze them in big ziplock bags. When I make sauce or chili in the winter I can just take a few out to thaw and mix them in! TTFN! (Tigger quote)


  1. Getting a grip on your core is a wise, wise move.

    1. Thank you oh wise one! Do you speak from experience?

  2. There is nothing worse than back pain! I hope that you will find a remedy soon. Have a good weekend. Hope you feel better.

  3. ooo back pain. Sorry to hear that. I know it well. I struggled all through much of last year with Piriformis Syndrome, which causes painful sciatic issues. Add that to all the age-related aches and pains I have on a regular basis, and I spent a lot of time hunched over. I find that a variety of stretching exercises helps. As for the age-related stuff... Motrin here and there is about all I can do for that. Hope you heal soon.

  4. That is such a beautiful sky! I hope that you find a solution to that back problem!

  5. I feel for is so hard to go through pain and to try to get back onto a healthy path. Prayers for you and I hope that you feel better soon. Such a lovely sky photo!

  6. Weight will do you in and also lack of tone in our muscles - we all have that as we age; but you are right. You are too young. Not sure the doctors are the answer - more of what you are doing and taking charge: streaching, exercise and food.
    Good luck
    the Ol'Buzzard

  7. Pain is very wearing & it then drifts into all aspects of your life - especially sleep which you (everyone You) needs. I work at a physio clinic & we see alot of what you are describing. Keep at it & yes walking is such a good antidote to all that ails you - well that is what my Gran always said. Sending you lots of positive healing energy.

  8. I hear you... And feel your pain. Not in exactly the same places but back pain, nevertheless. Moving. Yep. Stretching. Yep. I can now maintain my back problems myself..most of the time. But still have yearly set backs when a few weeks of physio is needed. Then I'm okay again for a while. It is whet it is, eh? Rejoicing in the tomatoes... not to mention a really good book with a nice cup of tea helps, too.