Wednesday 7 September 2016

Anybody Watching America's Got Talent?

When my daughter was home this summer, she "turned me on" to America's Got Talent. I've never watched it before, but now I'm completely hooked. Of course, she's back in university, so now I'm watching it by myself. Husband's not interested. Neither is son, but sometimes I call him into the room and force him to watch parts of it with me.

I am so impressed with so many of the acts. The singers are amazing and the magicians are astounding (and I really don't like magicians). I'm not as fond of the acts that are risky, like the guy who throws knives at his wife, or the icky gross couldn't-even-look-at-him-had-to-hide-behind-a-pillow guy who put  sharp objects up his nose and down his throat. The one thing I don't quite get is the young girl who plays the ukulele and sings. The judges are head over heels for her and say she will be famous, etc. Maybe I just don't like or understand her style. Granted, I couldn't do what she does, but I'm not trying out for the show.

Many years ago I watched American Idol, maybe the second year they did it. That was when it was Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, ? (was there another judge?). Simon was brutally honest and nasty. Now, he seems to be a kinder, gentler Simon. Maybe he is mellowing with age, or fatherhood agrees with him.

Just wondering if anyone else is following it. Chime in if you are.


  1. I have watched it in the past. I've just so much else to watch I've no room for it! I happen to think AGT is better than BGT!

  2. Hello, Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am not a fan of 'talent' shows. But love craft or gardening shows. Gardeners World is my absolute favourite. Monty Don has a great style of presentation. At the moment British TV seems to be full of 'do up your house' shows. The cost of which would actually buy you a house.

  3. Love this show! We wait for it to start every Summer!
    I can't stand that ukulele thingy either...but I liked that Rubix Cube guy!
    I hope one of the magicians wins!
    Do you watch Survivor?
    Damp...wet....steamy day here today...lazing on the couch with my iPad!
    Trying to shake this cold...watching Corrie!
    Linda :o)

  4. I use to watch it, but haven't for awhile. I think I burned out on those shows. My Mister, on the other hand, loves it. Have a great day.

  5. I have tried watching it a few times but it has never really stuck with me to remember to watch it again. I mostly watch shows on Netflix.

  6. I've never watched it, but I used to watch American Idol up until about the time Simon left.