Monday 1 February 2016

Morning Drive

The sun was shining a bit this morning when I was driving to work. As you might know, I live in a very rural area, at the edge of a little village. My drive to work takes me through the countryside. I pulled over a few times this morning and used my not-cool phone (as my son seems to believe) to take some pictures. It's nothing special, but it is what I see almost everyday, unless I take a different route, but that route also takes me through the countryside.

What I wish I could have taken a picture of this morning would be the Amish children whipping along on their scooter bikes, girls skirts' flying, me thinking, "They must be cold!" I think the Amish culture does not support photographs being taken, so out of respect I will not. But these little gaffers are out there in all kinds of weather travelling quite a distance, too. They attend a "separate school" which only Amish children attend. When there isn't any snow on the ground, they are bare footed. (Is that the correct way to describe it?) They place one foot on a lower board of the scooter (it is made of metal), and then propel themselves forward by pushing rhythmically with the other leg. I've often mused whether that one leg ends up being big and muscular, and out of balance with the other. I have also seen them travelling at excessive speeds on roller blades! The road that they are on is paved, so roller blading is possible.

I also wish I could have photographed the field of sheep that I drive past in nicer weather. But right now I think they are sheltered in a barn and won't be out in the field for at least another couple of months.

There has been some rain and milder temperatures so some water is standing in the fields.
It's fairly flat in this area with woodlots in the distance.
There is a river that winds through here and the water is high right now.

A herd of Holsteins out in this "mild" weather.

A nice farm house, the property always kept neat as a pin.

farms in the distance
As I look at these pictures in the extra large size, I think to myself that this looks a bit desolate. Sometimes it feels like a frozen Arctic Tundra but not today.  Most farms are at least one hundred acres in size, if not more, so farms with their barns, houses, and other outbuildings are spread out quite a bit.

I was just happy that the sun was out and that it wasn't so cold that my nostrils stick together!


  1. What a gorgeous journey to work. Thanks for taking me with you! I did giggle a bit at you watching the Amish, it made me imagine you were on Safari watching everything in its normal habitat!!

  2. Such lovely photographs - lucky you to have such a journey to work. I would have loved to see the Amish children (we have visited several of their colonies over the years) as I do admire their way of life. But I also admire your attitude in not taking the photograph because of their beliefs.

  3. I enjoyed the photos. I think it is very pretty there. It does look cold.