Wednesday 26 February 2020

What's for Supper - Wednesday

I honestly don't know how people post every day. I don't ever post about work, confidentiality and all that, and besides work, my day basically consists of feeding people and chickens, watching some tv, and sleeping, or at least that's what I do right now at this time of year. If it was a different time of year, I could tell you about weeding or planting or raking or digging or harvesting. But it is currently snowy, with more "snowy" on the way.

So... I fed my chickens standard layer crumble with a handful of oyster shell thrown in. For my people I had some pork ribs that were a good price. Here's what I made for supper:

I cut the ribs into two decent sized chunks, put some Diana sauce on them, wrapped them in foil and put them in a low slow oven for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, it wasn't long enough, so I blasted them further at 375 degrees for an additional half hour which did the trick. No one wants ribs that aren't fall off the bone tender. I completely forgot to take a picture when I unwrapped them and put some on my plate.

Mushrooms fried up in butter, salt, ground pepper and a pinch of garlic powder. I like how my grocery store features produce in "less than perfect" packages. That's literally how it is advertised. So, I buy a big bunch of mushrooms which are, as described, less than perfect either because they are an awkward shape, or not quite the perfect size, or whatever. Less expensive, but just as tasty!

Caesar salad made with two romaine hearts cut up, three slices of bacon that I cooked up between paper towel in the microwave, a handful of croutons, and whatever Caesar dressing I had in the fridge.

Steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Nothing special, just a little salt on it afterwards.

There was leftover corn and carrots from a previous meal. Those can be heated up and eaten as well. I am a woman of many Rubbermaid containers - I take a lunch every day, keep in mind. As well, I was raised by a woman who threw out NO leftovers. My mother used to use margarine tubs to put leftover food in. Unfortunately, they were not see-through, so she never really kept track of what was in each container, nor how long it had been hiding in the back of the fridge behind all the other margarine tubs. Always an adventure.

I sometimes think I get stuck in a food rut. I'm no gourmet cook, but I do get bored of the same old food quite easily. I wonder what other people are having for supper. I even like to see what my colleagues are bringing for lunch. Sometimes someone will have leftovers that they heat up and everyone will remark how good it smells and ask, "Ohhh, what are you having??"

My good friend growing up had the same food every Monday, and every Tuesday, and so on. I could never do that. My son used to go to his friend's house and every Saturday (or was it Friday?) supper was pancakes. His parents were Dutch and I guess Dutch pancakes are a tradition.

I did make pancakes (and bacon!!) last night, as it was Shrove Tuesday. The whole religion thing is lost on me, but I do love pancakes, so why not? Are you a person who knows exactly what you are making each night of the week? Do you have a fridge filled with leftovers? Do you hate cooking, or love it, or are you indifferent? Could you eat the same thing night after night? Do you now want bacon?


  1. The food looks delicious! My ribs fell apart in a couple of hours with my low slow roast, glad you salvaged yours!

    1. I really did like your suggestion with the foil and it worked out great, otherwise. Maybe it was just a bigger chunk of ribs? But I'll certainly do it again. :)

  2. Do you need new, fabulous recipe ideas? Come over to my blog post today -- I have JUST the thing for you!

    1. Oh, I HAVE seen your wonderful recipes and food suggestions! I even left a comment!

  3. I remember Pancake Tuesday, or whatever the Brits called it, was kind of a big deal when I lived in England. I initially thought of the big, fluffy pancakes we are used to eating here, but crepes was what was meant. (And they are also yummy.)

  4. I enjoy cooking, but after cooking three meals a day for five people for nearly 50 years, I am not as excited about it everyday as I once was...OTH, I love learning new things to cook. Your meal sounded great! I mostly eat low carb and my son who lives at home is a vegetarian...A fun thing we both like is crustless quiche with a variety of things in it. I don't have many left overs anymore.

  5. As children my mother prepared the same meals keeping very much to a daily pattern and this was fine by all of us and I am sure quite common in the 1950s and 60s. During my 34 years with my partner I had a repertoire of meals that I kept to as well although not so rigidly as my mother with hers. I now find myself alone and eat randomly and lazily and have got into bad habits. But I am fine with that and my eating is still, I believe, healthy. I am still eating pancakes two days after Shrove Tuesday and have just had them for breakfast, for instance!

  6. I love pork ribs..any type of rib for that matter..
    And..l love my meat on the bone, pick it up..chew and
    gnaw on it, throw it over yer shoulder when finished..!
    King Henry VIII and all that..
    Cooked in the oven, yes, you'll need 3~4hrs..and the
    sauce, you make to yer own liking..! ;).

    My diet is different every day, some people stick to
    a routine..from 1980..l raised my daughter on my own,
    she enjoyed everything l cooked..and..believe me l've
    cooked some strange meals..HeHe!
    AND! NO! I throw absolutely NO food away..Heaven forbid!
    Mia Mama would turn in her the food recycling
    bin..never sits outside my home..!
    Makes me sad, that so much food is wasted around the world! :(.

    HaHa! The religious thing about pancake day/Shrove Tuesday..
    which falls before Ash Wednesday..first day of Lent..time
    of fasting for four weeks before, all the food
    had to used up, mostly eggs, flour, milk..turned into pancakes,
    so leaving very little for Lent, the food would not go to waste..!

    And..Yes is the answer to most of your questions at the bottom
    there..I~LOVE~TO~COOK..I had a trilogy in my life...
    "Love Food..Love Cats..Love Pink" Amen...! :o)

  7. Jenn you are going to love that new TV series then, Frig Wars. Top chefs will travel (Ontario I believe) & look inside people's frigs & make a full on dinner of what ever then find. It airs either tonight (Thurs) or Friday. I meal plan, which might sound like a lot of work but in the end I have less food waste, save money & can shop to the specials. There's lots of online weekly meal plans ... Mary-Lou =^..^=

  8. I do not like to cook, but have cooked for at least 50 years, putting decent meals on the table. I would like to retire from cooking now. When we get up every morning I have no idea what supper will be. I wait until after noon to start worrying about what to cook for supper. We do eat leftovers. I can not eat the same thing night after night...unless it's ice cream or pizza. :) Your meal sure looks good.

  9. I TRY and plan a day ahead for meals. And I'm getting better. But many times I end up quick defrosting something at supper time. Last night we had BBQ porkchops with little red potatoes and spinach and carrots. Tonight its stir fry.

    It's always a battle. I'm a lock and lock person and only the glass kind. Mind you I found some at ikea that are cheap. I've got pretty much every size available.

  10. Hi Jenn! Pancakes and bacon is my favorite meal no matter what time of day!! How are your new neighbors doing? I mean the Royal ones, of course!! Have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm.

  11. You can see how people manage to post every day when you read them... "Today I woke up, had breakfast..."

  12. On my own now, I sometimes eat the same meal four days in a row. It's OK; they're good.

  13. Now that my hubby and I are empty nesters, our meals are very quick and simple. And we don't mind eating the same things over and over again. Occasionally I make something that requires more time and effort, but after cooking for a family for so many years, I feel a little burnt out. I imagine that I'll eventually pick up the pace because I like variety, but for now I'm enjoying simplicity and less time in front of a stove.

  14. I am definitely a person fond of leftovers. I usually do my main cooking on the weekend and then lunch on whatever I have made for the week. I will say, however, by Thursday I am sick of it. My 'tupperware' of choice is yogurt containers. These, too, are opaque, so I have to try and move them forward or they become science experiments. Actually...I do now want bacon...

  15. I'll be over for dinner if you serve that! It looks terrific and I'll bet your house smelled so good! I love to cook and I go through "in a rut" (I call them "beloved favorites!") and something new. I'm always excited when something new works well! In an effort to a) reduce plastic and b) stop the tupperware/plastic container avalanche I bought some bowls that have tops. I can use them for soup bowls or leftovers and they save the day. (The plastic didn't get thrown out -- it goes to other people's houses and becomes their problem.) And sometimes I open a bag, which is what I did last night. I was sort of embarrassed because the coconut shrimp came frozen, so did the corn, the salad was in a bag. At least I made the (boxed) crumb cake and had Rick's real bread. That's my slacker meal for awhile!

  16. I haven't had mushrooms like that in awhile. I highly recommend Pinterest to liven up your meals. My husband and I love it. I'm afraid I hate leftovers, but luckily my husband takes them to work. My mom's fridge is a science experiment also.

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