Sunday 28 May 2017

A Good Tired

I am currently sitting on the porch, my hair still wet after a well needed shower. I've spent the day weeding and digging out unwanted plants and trimming along the fence line. It turned out to be a lovely warm day. It actually felt a bit like summer. Everything is lush and green (and growing!). I continued my quest to rid the world of black eyed Susan and during which I discovered my second most loathed invasive plant: lily of the valley.

I never planted it. It came with the house. It managed to get into this particular flower bed by travelling through darkness under the deck and out the other side. Tenacious.

The birds are singing. I have two new hanging pots of flowers on my deck. I went with fuschias in gorgeous pink colours. Even in the few minutes that I have been out here blogging, a hummingbird has come to feed. I sat very still. It wasn't the least bit bothered by me. I do love hummingbirds.

Fuschia  (poor lighting, sorry)

We do indeed have a raccoon. As I was bent over digging out plants, attracting a nice sunburn on the slice of lower back, upper rear end that was pointed south, my husband came out to talk to me, then declared there was a raccoon on our lawn. It was in the corner which borders with an unused yard beside us. He made big sounds and chased it away. Yes, I am definitely going to have to tell the tale of our summer of raccoons some day soon.

In my gardens, some tulips are still in bloom while others have lost their petals. The centura (bachelor buttons?) are a beautiful glowy periwinkle. In a  short while my irises will be unfurling. I have purple and pale yellow and they seem to dimish a little bit more every year. I used to have some really big, dark burgundy irises but they, too, have gone by the wayside.

Regardless, I love a feeling of being tired after putting in a productive day. I'm not very good at scheduling fun. I never have been. I suppose it's because the weekend has always been the time I / we have to get things done. So I'm great at crossing things off to-do lists. And I'm enjoying sitting on the porch, listening to the robins, feeling a good kind of tired.

So, this is what I am currently looking at.

This shot reminds me a bit of Linda, another Canadian gal, over at Woke Up, Got out of Bed. She often gets her toes in her pictures too. Mind you, she seems to have pretty, delicate feet, always nicely pedicured. You can see my neighbour's lawn in the picture. Not a weed in sight. He sprays it and walks around looking for rogue weeds. I don't spray, preferring to just mow all green things short and pretend it is all lawn. Lord only knows what's in that spray! He's not a fan of flowers. He literally has no flowers on his property. I don't think I could live on a property without flowers. Winter is so long and so hard, flowers are a reward for surviving!

Sunday evenings are bitter sweet, for tomorrow it is back to work, and gardening must be put on the back burner. But for now, I am soaking in my surroundings, happy with what I have accomplished, and having a nice glass of red. Enjoy what is left of your weekend, all!


  1. My old lawn consisted of a lot of mowed weeds. Trimmed to the same length, only a golfer would know.

  2. I have strong opinions about killing weeds with chemicals. They are so dangerous, especially around children. And I will stop with that. I will say we have pretty much rid our front yard of thousands of dandelions but digging them out by hand. It took a few summers but they are mostly gone. I'm going out this afternoon to look for any rogue ones.

    I love your porch. It's lovely. When my brother and I were little we popped open fushias. I am not sure if my mom knew or not!

  3. I've never seen any person. I'd lay out the feeders but ants love those things

  4. Just discovered your blog which I am enjoying. I read about your apple tree with its small green apples. I had a similar problem with my old apple-crab tree but have grafted all sorts
    of larger variety apples onto the tree. What a nice feeling to have done all that work and then be able to sit back and feel good about it all!

  5. Thanks for the mention....and the compliment! I need to go get my toes painted...flipflops!
    Nice view from your chair...your neighbour sounds kinda grumpy! Hahaha!
    Have a great week Jenn!
    Linda :o)

  6. Wonderful. The fuschias, your gardening, the view, the glass of red. Not so much the racoon.
    Have a great week

  7. I like your good tired & I totally agree about flowers are the reward for surviving winter. I often wonder why people have houses when they do nothing with the yard ... a condo could give you the same inside space. No matter. Hummingbirds, aahhh - I have the feeder up high (raccoon use to suck mine dry) along with a fuschia, so far no hummers. Mr Man has a manual war on dandelions. Hoping you get more deck time this week.

  8. LOL.. you named two of my favorite perennials! I was thrilled to discover lily of the valley all over the island where we have Stella - and our cottage (Stella) has some LofV too! A good tired is always -good-.

  9. We don't spray here either. Dandelions and violets popping up are just added color to the yard and delicacies for our goats and sheep. Have a great week!

  10. You have a lovely outlook from your porch. I wish we had humming birds, only the sparrows, swallows and woodpeckers here.

  11. You have such a beautiful view! What a great place to relax. We do not spray at all. I cannot stand that stuff. And although we do pull out some weeds, we mostly just mow everything down. It's all green and when the lawn is freshly mowed it looks very nice. We're okay with that.

  12. Gotta have flowers, that's why I have a yard. If it's green it's lawn I don't care if it's a weed. Sometimes when I'm bored I pull weeds out of the lawn, but not often. The only thing we kill is bugs and living in a swamp that's a necessity, not a choice

  13. I could feel your "good tired" all through your post. That's a feeling I love, too. Being clean and relaxed after a day's work in the garden.

    A pox on your neighbor (don't tell him) for using poisonous sprays on his lawn and not enjoying the natural beauty of flowers. He must not be happy. (Just my humble opinion. He may be a very nice person.)

    Our lawn is probably made up of more mowed green weeds than yours. Take away the weeds and we'd have nothing but dirt. We've tried seeding some areas that are sparse with grass seed but it never seems to take. Our honey bees love the multitudinous dandelions so we let them flourish.

    Lovely post.

  14. good job!! Love the photos; feet and all.

  15. A woman after my own heart!! Your Sunday sounds exactly like mine....except I was trying to rid the world of dreaded TANSY. Oh my gosh, why the previous owners ever planted that nightmare in the perennial beds is beyond me! The sad thing is, the roots in one area are so deep and I was so tired by that point I just know it will be back next weekend! :(

  16. I love good tired. That's the best.

    1. PS: About the sound of a voice in your head being you, yes, that makes total sense to me.