Tuesday 28 February 2017

Just Stuff

My mind and heart has not been devoted to blogging lately. I still like to read others' blogs and sometimes comment, but I have nothing earth shattering to share, nor do I feel particularly witty, or philosophical.

Snapshots of my life that you might see recently:

-green grass (not actively growing, but still green) is shocking for this Canadian in February
-equally shocking is sunlight - feels so unbelievably good

-me weighing my little piles of chicken on my nifty little scale - still logging all my food and eating within my calorie goals
-lost about 14 pounds so far
-have two or three pants (jeans mostly) that I have not comfortably worn (or worn at all) for well over a year - these are my weight loss goals

-shopping with husband this past Sunday - bought some used books to take on vacation, so it doesn't matter if they get smeared with sunscreen
-swearing a bit more than "under my breath" as I'm trying to get bathing suits out of a clothing rack and the hangers catching on every single strap, and then catching on the straps of the bathing suits I already have in my other hand... etc.

-me being proud of doing weight training about three times a week and being excited when I can move up to the next barbells because I am gaining muscle and getting stronger

-playing on the wii with husband and kids on Family Day and remembering why these are the people that I love hanging around with the most

-getting up every five minutes to let in a cat, let out a cat because they are confused by the mild weather mixed with high wind and snow
-letting husband know that there is a half of a mouse on the mat on the back porch and another half of a mouse on the mat on the front porch (disposing of body parts is his job)

-being just so busy and so tired at work and always wanting the weekend to come

-being reminded of Tang orange drink and then thinking about all the absolute insults to food that I was fed as a child, and then remembering that my father drank Carnation Instant Breakfast almost every morning - what was in that??

-driving home and listening to a radio interview with the man whose company is taking over some of the HMV stores in Canada (they sold CDs and movie / comic accessories) who feels that vinyl is making a resurgence.
-remembering the excitement of buying a new album and listening to it over and over until the words were memorized
-realizing my kids don't know anything about knowing the order of songs on an album, they only know individual songs

-staying up way too late on Sunday night to see if they finally found something on Oak Island and, no, they did not bring up a bucketload of gold coins

-going on TripAdvisor every day to read reviews about the resort we are going to and then realizing it wouldn't even matter if every review was bad because we are going there anyway

-sitting here at the  "old" computer re-writing this for a third time because my crazy cursor on my "cheap" laptop continue to bounce all over the place and inadvertently delete most of my post and saying to myself, "You get what you pay for."


  1. We watched the Oak Island show SO much hype! Sad about HMV & glad that maybe we will get something at the store in the local mall with a Sunrise. It's been a rough couple of months & I definitely think the lack of sunshine is a major factor, I have been dragging too. You did write a very interesting post ... soon the nice brighter days will be here. Trip of your trip :-)

  2. That should have been think of your trip - gosh I dislike auto correct & not so nimble fingers in combination!

  3. Don't abandon your weight training after vacation. Get right back at it. It's the best thing you will do for you.

  4. Well, congrats on the weight loss! Good for you!... and Tang, Koolaid, twinkies, yodels, Charles Chips, that plastic cheese in the wrappers - let's not think about it at all.

    Have a great vacation! Share pics...

  5. Gaaa, I bought one of those cheap laptops and have the same issue. I drop computers and pour tea on them so cheap had to be the way to go (three laptops in five years, yikes!)
    We are REALLY frustrated by Oak Island as well. It was kind of interesting to see all that timber they were bringing up, but come on, that site is SO disturbed. All that stuff is questionable. We also questioned the age that was being assigned to the timbers, but it seems out of context. Oak trees are very slow growing and live to a great old age. I have oaks on my property that are hundreds of years old. Carbon dating just seems a waste. And hey, there were Spanish and Portuguese in NFLD in the 1600s. Of course they are going to be all along the coast aren't they?

  6. I am proud of you Jenn. What an accomplishment. At 65, I still hate weighing in at the doctor. Why do we women care about our weight so... Spring will be there soon and vacation? What's that? I can't go anywhere unless my two little shadows go and they are too nervous. Seems dogs, like their human counterparts, develop little quirks as they age. Keep up the good fight.

  7. I know exactly how you feel about those hangers and straps. Drives me nuts.

  8. Congrats on dropping a stone.

    We've had weird Spring here too, buds on trees, flowers coming up and yesterday a spring aunt. I can see Canada outside my back window, so this is odd for us as well, but I'll take it.

    Cats out every five minutes. Does that counts as exercise? lol. It could.

    There was a comedian recently that talked about the pain of having to save up for a record/cd and buy the entire thing for one song. Where today, we can buy just the one or two songs. Interesting.

    Going back up to read the rest of your post ....

    Okay, I'm back. Ack on the cursor. That's not fun stuff at all. But I did enjoy reading your updates. Thanks for sharing and boogie boogie.

  9. Congrats on the weight loss and weight training. Tang.. we used to take that camping when I was a kid like it was a substitute for orange juice.

  10. Maybe that post wasn't mind shattering but it was darn interesting!
    Mouse parts...yuck. I deal with them in our house.
    Weight loss, getting stronger, holidays, YES. Bravo. You've damn well!
    Maybe our parents didn't have the greatest nutrition but mine at least lived till their nineties in mostly good health. It's not only food, it's attitude and way of life too

  11. I feel rather blah and not very clever or witty this time of year too. I came alive last week when the temps were in the seventies here, but now that it's cold and gray again, I just feel like sleeping. Good for you for losing 14 pounds already this year; I'm longing to do the same. I hope your vacation perks you up and gives you the renewed energy that you need. Thanks for continuing to blog even when you may not feel much like it.

  12. I was shocked at how many comments were waiting for me when I got home today! I'm still baffled that people actually want to read what I write. We are looking forward to the vacation - the husband always feels that he needs one, even more than I. When I was young, my parents NEVER went anywhere. Vacations were for rich people, not us, so it still feels quite decadent to go on vacations now.

    I've worked very hard to lose these pounds. I've put every single bite and sip into myfitnesspal and I've most definitely done more exercising than I have in the past few years! It was time. I didn't like how I felt, how I looked... With the tragic death of the 19 year old girl who I wrote about, it really made me look at life and how I want to live it. I want to be healthy and energetic and vibrant so I can enjoy the time when I do stop working. I want to enjoy my own family as they grow up and take on the world, too.

  13. I miss the days when the Wii was knew. Lots of fun

  14. I always enjoy these tidbits that you share. You writing style is so engaging and fun! And I had a huge laugh with the bathing suits part. I totally understand...and relate! It is so frustrating, isn't it?

  15. Congratulations on your weight loss and journaling. I think I have to go back to doing that. It keeps you honest. I'd say rediscovering gems in your wardrobe is the best thing ever! And yes, mild here in Michigan too (though raining hard right now). But not snow... at least not yet!

  16. Insults to food! Remember the jello molds? People had those tacky brass molds hanging all Over their kitchens. The fish? So glad that fad is over.

  17. I go through stages when I would much rather read blogs than write one. Congrats on those 14 LBs!! Enjoy your week.

  18. I love this kind of post..just daily life and what one does to keep busy! Congrats on the weight loss...just grand! And..planning a vacation...I admit I am a bit jealous....marvelous!

  19. Never mind..nobody cares in the end..
    Linda :o)

  20. You got the pre-springtime blues
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. I think quite a few of us have them! The snow came back. I was foolish to think otherwise.

  21. i enjoyed your smooth outflow through your effortlessly graceful words .
    there is no need to be philosophical or witty for talking to your friends ,it is just sharing whatever you feel right now with honesty and this is the real beauty of your writing .
    best wishes!

  22. Oh, I am laughing. I totally stalk the resort we are going to visit too. And at the end of the day, who cares? It's going to be warmer, away from home and it's something to look forward to. I bought a new suit and cover up. The angst! I'm loading up on used books too and I read'em and leave'em so I have room to bring home my souvenirs. Have fun! And great weight loss!