Thursday 8 December 2016

'Cuz I'm Not Busy Enough

I've been reading many peoples' posts where they show their beautifully decorated homes, ready for Christmas. I love seeing how they put colours and themes together. There are some incredibly creative and artistic people out there.

This year I am hosting Christmas for my side of the family. I also work almost right up until Christmas, leaving me with little time to get things ready, including shopping, baking, and decorating. As well, we are attending an out of town wedding on the 17th of this month, negating a full day to accomplish many tasks.

So, what should I NOT be doing right now? That would be repainting the den. Which is exactly what I am doing. The cans of paint have been sitting out in the mudroom, and I pass them every day, and have passed them every day for months now. I think it was the fact that I was hosting Christmas that I thought, now is the time to get my act together and paint the den.

I am doing this the lazy girl way. I did not clear out the whole room which would mean moving two couches, one big coffee table, one matching craftsman style cupboard, and a leather recliner to different rooms. Instead, I shove everything to one side of the room, throw sheets and other covers over surfaces I want to protect, and paint one wall at a time, moving furniture as I work around the room.

The den has been this sage green colour for  a long time. I have already taken down pictures and started dismantling in this picture.

The walls were getting pretty dinged up and I was tired of the colour. I wanted something more neutral.
So, the pictures came off the walls, husband filled and sanded, and I cut in and painted every night, wall by wall.

I wrapped garbage bags around the wood stove. It was very finicky painting around behind it. I really had to contort and squat and squeeze myself into tight spaces, but that part is done. You can see the wall colour. It is called "sponge cake". The sixteen year old son said to me, "Mom, did you  mean for it to be the same colour as the kitchen?" The answer would be no, I did not try to choose the same colour as the kitchen, in fact I thought I chose something a bit more beige / tan / neutral, but apparently I chose almost the same colour as the kitchen. Oh well, I must like it.

In this picture you can see the old sage green compared to the new tan (i.e. kitchen colour). I will paint out the door the same as the wall colour.

I think I will definitely be done everything by the end of the weekend. I am really hoping the weather behaves itself this weekend so I can run around and get shopping and other things done. However, currently it is SNOWING out there!! Have a look.

I always look out to the front of the property where there is one lonely street light. You can really tell what's happening out there when you look at the snow flying either diagonally or horizontally past the street light. It is thick out there and we have what is called a "red screen" on the weather channel. That means snow squalls.

If you don't have to drive in it, it is actually quite pretty.


  1. My living room is blue with a hint of green now but I think we'll go with a tan soon enough.

  2. I thought of a den as being underground like a cellar. That new colour will brighten it nicely. Ionly have a decorated house Xmas wise due to others efforts. I also have no time.

  3. Congratulations on the painting. Helluva job just before Xmas. Hope you have the same energy for the rest of your Xmas preparations. Love your photo of the snow. Eerie and beautiful at the same time

  4. Snow! Real snow. That is so Christmassy. Forget the decorating and get outside and build snowmen.

  5. I liked your sage green but paint is sometimes the easiest change. I do like the beige as it is fresh & neutral. Painting is a job I leave for Mr Man ... to pay the professionals that have done the work in our house. I have moved to varying shades of the same taupe family of colour throughout the whole first floor of the house. This spring I move upstairs - get the cheque ready!

  6. You are engaged in my new year's project -- painting. In my case it will be the living room and I'm going to do it the same way -- probably less than a wall at a time. I have so many bookcases and china cabinets and the thought of unloading them... too much. I even gave thought to painting around them because someday when I move it will need to be painted anyway. I'm still thinking about that one, actually. Sort of like hemming your pants with duct tape.

    Meanwhile, your snow photo is exquisite!

  7. The snow at night looks pretty but not if you have to go out in it.

  8. Wow, looks great and so much lighter. Beautiful snow shots!

  9. Aye yay yay! It got to 11 degrees here last night and now I see your winter. What a good egg you are taking on that painting job at Christmas. Nothing helps getting motivated like hosting something at your house.

  10. I always painted one wall at a time. Smart woman do that. :-)

  11. Jenn, Bless your heart ...working like this so close to Christmas. I noticed my house was always much cleaner when I had my sisters luncheons. It was a good excuse to clean and believe I need excuses. LOL. I think it looks very good. It will be fresh and clean and you will be so glad. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. you are right about snow...pretty to look at and not drive in.

  12. That last photo is magical! The lighting is so perfect. Winter scenes are enjoyable as long as you don't have to drive through them.

    Your paint job looks like it's coming along beautifully. I bet you'll sigh with relief when it's all over.

    I do just about all the painting in our house...walls, furniture, you name it. And even though I'm very patient with it, I sometimes take shortcuts like just moving around furniture or covering it up. There are times that I just can't be bothered.

  13. Looks good!
    I am sure everything will come together for you...
    Snowing here today..❄️❄️❄️
    Linda :o)

  14. I like the new colour on your walls, it looks brighter than the sage green.

    No snow here in the UK, and I hope it stays that way, although it does look beautiful.

    Nice blog btw. :)

  15. I love the new color! Lovely winter pictures too.:)

  16. Ask me how much I hate painting - get it all over, too. Good for you! Lovely snow image, we're about to get some tonight.