Monday 17 October 2016

Quick Catch Up

Yes, this is a quick catch up, and if said slightly differently, it could be a quick ketchup.

This weekend, we took our daughter back to university. She is really enjoying her role as Don for her floor in residence. It is a co-ed residence and when we brought her back and were carrying various bags and things up to her floor, she was greeted by two giant guys (footballers). It is so funny to see her looking up and chatting with these lads. She looked so tiny. One of them was only 17!!!

On our drive to the city where she attends university, I must have exclaimed about twenty times how breathtakingly beautiful the leaves were. I swear we are having one of the BEST falls for colour. And no, we didn't stop to take pictures, but I should have.

We have a wedding to attend this December and we thought we might do some clothing shopping (me for a dress, husband for a new jacket) while we were "in the big city". I thought I found a fabulous dress ON SALE which fit well, hid some fifty year old bulging with strategic gathering and patterns, but alas, when I went to pay for it I was told it wasn't on sale because if I had read the TEENY TINY small print on the sign, the prices ending with 99 do not count. Not happy.

Tonight I do my volunteering by inputting information for our community basketball teams and then compiling what sizes are needed and how many and so on and then eventually getting that info to the local sporting goods store that prints up the jerseys with team names and numbers. It's my good deed of the season. (Sure beats coaching!!!)

Anyway, I'm going to wolf down a toasted peanut butter and jam sandwich and get going. I'm looking forward to getting caught up on everyone's blogs.


  1. I just ate a PB and J sandwich myself. I remember my girls in college...I always loved knowing they had friends and were learning. Plus visiting campus was fun. Blessings and good luck finding the perfect dress. xoxo, Susie

  2. I wish you had been able to get the fabulous dress ON SALE! You didn't say...did you buy it anyway?
    Since you're doing your "good community deed" you may be entitled to a splurge. ;)

    1. No, I didn't end up buying the dress. I left it at the counter with a comment about wasting my time and theirs. Snarky, I know, but the whole thing seems devious to me when there is a great big 35% off sign on the rack that the dress came from and I spent time trying a whole bunch of dresses on. Can you tell I'm not really fond of shopping?

  3. I love visiting college campuses. My kids go to schools with beautiful campuses. I'd visit them, but they commute. Oh well.

  4. So sneaky! I've just recently noticed that sale prices don't apply to prices ending with 99. Is this something new. And with such tiny print, how in the world can you see it? Makes me wonder if it's done on purpose. People end up at the cash in hopes of buying something on sale and end up disappointed. And some feel embarrassed and maybe even intimidated enough to make the purchase regardless!

  5. Darn Dang that small special printing! Do not worry that special dress at a special price is out there. The trees have certainly been spectacular & yes I keep stopping to take photos.

  6. You were busy. I have had that happen with a pair of pants on a sale rack that wasn't for sale. I was in along line and too embarrssed to take them back. Turned out to be the best pants ever! It worked out because they went on sale super cheap and I got four more pairs.

  7. How exciting! Dress shopping for a winter wedding! Please share with us what you find! Sounds like you are bustling about this fall! Fabulous!!!

  8. That is just crazy about pricing ending in 99 NOT being on sale. Hate that sort of thing. Did you buy the dress anyway?
    Glad she is all set at university and hope she gets the position she is trying to get.
    Our colors are just full peak here now. xo Diana

  9. I must say that I have rarely, if ever, bought anything in a sale which has really pleased me when I thought about it afterwards, so perhaps you had a lucky escape.

  10. That's very sad about the dress -- it's so hard to find just the right thing (and at the right price) and then to be foiled. No fair!

    You've been busy. It must be bittersweet, that ride back to the dorm, but what a lot of responsibility your daughter has. She must be well up to the task!