Thursday 4 August 2016

33, feels like 33

The weather that I check online tells you what the current temperature is, then it tells you what it feels like. It does that because when we have humidity, which we often do, trapped in our little Great Lakes basin, it feels warmer than it actually is.

In the winter, we get the temperature, and then the "feels like" due to wind chill, which often makes it feel colder than it really is. So it's generally all a big lie.

But right now, at 6:54 p.m. it is 33 degrees, and it feels like 33 degrees (Celsius, of course). It is very hot. I do not mind, but when I admit that it is hot, it really is hot, because I do not complain about the heat.

I've driven past the same corn fields four times today and corn does a weird thing in extreme heat, with little to no rainfall. It gets upright and pointy. It makes me think it looks more like sugar cane than corn. In fact, it is already turning brown. I don't know what effect it will have on the yield for the farmers, but it is very pointy corn. I should have pulled over and taken a picture.

Today I went to a new physiotherapist who does acupuncture. She was great, very thorough, asking all kinds of questions, having me do all kinds of movement tests, assessing this, and checking that. I had my first acupuncture treatment today. I've had acupuncture before and this session didn't even register on the uncomfortable meter. I am hopeful it will help with the pain in my lower back and hips, as I am also doing different stretching and strengthening exercises. If you ever consider having acupuncture, be reassured that it is NOT the same as getting a needle, or having blood drawn, or any such thing. Needles don't really bother me as long as I don't watch. My friend is a pharmacist and now in Ontario, pharmacists are trained to give needles. They administer flu shots. She has given me my flu shot for the past couple of years. I would much rather receive a flu shot than give one.

Tonight for supper, I made sausage on the barbecue, a tossed salad, and corn on the cob. This is the first corn on the cob we have had this summer. It was o.k. but lacked a really good taste. I bought it at Walmart for very cheap (I know... for shame... I should be buying locally grown, just picked this morning corn). Now that I have eaten Walmart corn, I will definitely be buying local. There are a lot of farms in my general area that sell vegetables at the road side, or at the very least on their property. Many of them are Mennonite, or Amish. There is one place that is quite a big production, with orchards and lots of vegetable gardens. They also sell butter tarts road side. Do you know how many times I have wanted to hit the breaks, squeal my way into a 180 and go back for those butter tarts??? But I haven't done it yet. (Remember, I'm the one that does not believe that desserts can be too sweet or too rich).

A week from now we go on our England trip. We are so low key about it right now. I don't know why we aren't crazy excited, or laying out clothes, or creating lists, or any of those things. I think it is because my husband it knee deep in creating this bathroom upstairs where there never was a bathroom and it is so detailed and time consuming. I did buy an umbrella that is small enough to tuck away, and a new carry-on piece of luggage because one of ours is suffering a bit from tropical trips and is ripping on one side. Unlike Mexico, I do not think we can get away with one carry-on each and nothing else. I think we will each have our carry-on plus one other piece of luggage. I am looking forward to a trip on which there won't be a language barrier. To get ready for this trip, my husband keeps joking (I hope) that he is going to practise driving on the other side of the road. Lookout!!


  1. You probably won't have to worry about a humidex in England.

  2. MY guy was talking about the corn doing this weird thing too. I've never seen it that I can remember. It was all looking pretty lush last weekend.

  3. Hoping your heat wave breaks, you get some much needed rain and that you feel wonderful on your upcoming trip to England! Maybe the change of scenery (and weather) is just what your body needs.

  4. It has been extremely hot lately. I wouldn't mind it so much if we'd get a little rain every now and again. Hopefully it'll come soon.

    A trip to England! That is very exciting!

  5. Have a wonderful time in England. Almost guaranteed there will be a relief from the heat while there! Safe travels.

  6. In England I got sunburnt yesterday. It felt around 30c. Today it's raining this morning but muggy. Pack your complete wardrobe and hire a plane.