Saturday 2 July 2016

Canada Day... polite and apologetic

Yesterday was Canada Day. It was a rainy cool day made brighter by my sister coming for a visit and an invite for a get-together from friends.

My sister's boyfriend was away at a friend's cottage, so she decided to come for a visit and then would be driving to meet her boyfriend at the cottage later. We desperately needed rain and boy, did we get it! Today, things already look greener and perkier. We just had a nice day at home and we made another strawberry, rhubarb pie!

In the evening, we went to friends' where we enjoyed munchies (ribs made in the smoker for a "snack"), and wonderful fireworks. We have spent other Canada Day evenings on their covered back porch watching the guys set up the fireworks and the kids bouncing around on the trampoline having some laughs. While others go camping or go to a cottage for Canada Day, we tend to stay closer to home.

I love being a Canadian. I know nothing different. I am proud of Canada's reputation in the world. Apparently many people think that Canadians are polite and tend to say "sorry" for everything. I probably fall into that category.

 I have been amused over the years when I have met people from other countries who say they know someone in Canada, and do I know them? I live in a big country. My province alone is the size of some countries. But I have smiled and asked, "Oh, where do they live?" 'Cuz you never know, maybe I do actually know them!

However, I do not watch hockey, I do not say "eh", nor do I say "aboot" instead of "about". I do not particularly like Tim Horton's coffee, moose do not walk through our neighbourhood, and I spell these words correctly:  colour, programme, centre.


  1. It rained here too and got much cooler in the late afternoon so my grandkids, who were visiting, weren't inclined to get in the water. However, we barbecued lots of ribs, sausages and lamb chops so fun was had. Best part, we had a ladies table (left the kids with the guys)and were so relaxed! Even though I live in the city, it could have been a cottage retreat.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day! It sounds like a great place.

    I am always astounded when someone asks me if I live anywhere near (insert town) that is somewhere in our state. I guess our collective understanding of geography is somewhat lacking. ;)

    ...and I apologize for EVERYTHING. Does that make me an honorary Canadian? haha

  3. It is funny, isn't it, when you're talking to people from another country and they ask you if you know this or that person in this or that part of Canada? I used to live in Montreal where there are millions of people and found it hilarious when asked if I knew someone from there. But, like you said, I'd always just smile and ask for the name 'cause you just never know!

    Sounds like a wonderful Canada Day!

  4. Hi Jenn! I'm glad you had a great Canada Day! You are soooo farrrr awaaayyyy from me!

  5. A late happy Canada day to you!
    Canada is my favourite country in the whole world - we have had so many happy holidays there.

  6. Happy Canada Day . . . a bit late, but still sending wishes . . .
    Thank you for visiting me at the Irish Garden House.
    John Deere and I have had a "thing going on" for many years.
    My first, (still have her) is 19 years old.
    She works fine . . . but she (Betsy) is getting tired so
    I upgraded to the newer version . . .
    Nice birthday treat indeed . . .
    I hope you enjoyed your holiday with your family . . ,