Saturday 2 August 2014

Do you suppose he heard us talking?

     So... yesterday our "younger" cat had a vet appointment. He is not himself. About a month ago, something happened to his tail. Some kind of injury caused a bunch of hair loss and a decent wound, but he took care of it, licking it, and it didn't seem infected, so we let it go. However, since then, he just seems morose. He moves carefully, he still complains when you touch his tail, and he is skinnier than his normal "outdoor cat in the summer" skinny.
     So, I made an appointment with our local vet located about an eight minute drive away. I saw the cat earlier in the morning, let him in from his usual sleeping spot on a chair on the back porch. He had a bite to eat and then wanted out. I left for an appointment of my own and then returned in time so I could go with the husband to the vet and find out what kind of money this would run into!
     No cat. We called and called and called. I'm sure the entire village was sick and tired of hearing us call our cat. I rattled the bag of treats as well. Husband drove around and called. (Crazy people!) No cat.
     I had to call the vet and sheepishly explain that we couldn't find him. Thank goodness the gal at the desk laughed and agreed that it sometimes happens with outdoor cats. A new appointment has been made, but of course it is a holiday weekend here in Canada, so he won't be seen for another four days.
This is normally what he is like. Stealthy, full of personality. 

His name is Samson.

 Anyway, he showed up at about 4:00 that afternoon.


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