Monday 13 April 2020

Turning it around - 80's Girl Warning!!

So... I've been on similar roller coaster as likely many other people. When I'm busy, I'm fine, but when I have to stop being busy, I can get a bit down.

Tonight after supper I kicked myself in the buttocks, went upstairs to the treadmill (ya, haven't actually done that this whole time), turned on my "workout" playlist and just walked quickly, did stupid arm movements akin to dancing while walking, lip synced like a boss, and in the end felt SO MUCH better. Why, oh why don't I do this more often? Well, I think I will.

If you need a bit of a mood boost and you are of my "generation" (i.e. you wore the big earrings, the shoulder pads, the layered jewellery ala Cyndy Lauper, and teased and sprayed your spiral perm to within an inch of your life), then enjoy. For the rest of you, don't judge.

Here is what I walked to, in this order:

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell

This is the Day  - The The

Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder

It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones (Yes, I was thinking of the Carlton dance at the time)

I Would Die 4U - Prince  (this is NOT the one I was listening to, I've tried to find something on You Tube, but couldn't find what you would have heard on Purple Rain - I'm sure you're familiar with it though)

Faith - George Michael

Knock on Wood - Amii Stewart  (the ultimate roller skating song)


  1. Another 80s girl here. :)

    I feel similarly. I'm all right when busy, but during slow period I sometimes tend to ruminate.

    Our roller rinks tended to play rock music. I remember doing couples' skate to Journey or Reo Speedwagon. :D

    Be well!

  2. Born in the 50s, hit my stride in the 80s.

    The music brings back some memories.

  3. Oh! I was a teen in the 80's and that is some of the best music. I absolutely love Faith by George Michael.

  4. I love your play list! I need to whip out my Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies! The music definitely helps!

  5. Oh yes, great music, even if I am more of a 60s girl. We too have a treadmill but haven't used it yet. I have a YouTube song list for walking, lots of country and western too.
    Great sounds to start my day

  6. Whey~Hey...Certainly blew my mind this morning..
    Well, all except for Tom Jones and George Michael..! :(.
    Motown..Marvin Gaye..1966..Stevie Wonder..1973...
    Ami Stewart..1979..Wow! :0).

    Well..l go back to the decade that's 'always' voted the
    best..the 60's..HeHe! We always used to say.."If you
    remember the 60' were'nt there"..! :0).
    Back then everyone was being silly over the Beatles, l
    took to Motown..and NEVER looked back..spent 10mths in
    Detroit back in 68 at Motown..But! That's another story..

    Great post..enjoyed it with my morning lemon tea, with
    honey of course..and the sun peering through the Paddington
    Bear curtains..Lovely! Thankyou..! :o).

  7. 80s was my playground, too. There was some great music then, despite the woeful fashions, and quite a lot of variety. I did lean toward the New Romantics and what not, so not a real overlap here, but George Michael was always good to dance to. Over the past few months I've been listening to all our CDs in an effort to prune out the dross and the nostalgic albums that really haven't stood the test of time - in no way influenced by Marie Kondo!! - and as I store them alphabetically, today, yes, today, I finally got to the end. "You're up to U now?" said Mr P. as I was dancing at the ironing board to U2. (Very effective and productive form of exercise, by the way, and no special clothes required!)

  8. Yeah you on the treadmill. Needs must! BC, before COVID-19, I attended a fitness class where the instructor freely admitted to being an 80's gal - she rocked leg warmers, leotard & tights in very class. Her music was invigorating to be sure. Rock on Jenn ... Mary-Lou =^[..]^=

  9. Big earrings, shoulder pads -- oh yes, I wore those too *shudder*

  10. My daughter graduated high school in '89 so I was past my groovin' days during that time. But for you and your treadmill, all I can say is, "You go, girl!!"

  11. Fun way to go! Being a one time Hippie girl (that would be the original’60s. Apparently we have had several episodes of hippie wannabes πŸ˜‚) I have a long list of genres in my playlist.

    Walk on to the beat. 😊

  12. It sounds like you had a really fun day. Great music! Stay safe and have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  13. Love the playlist, I am all in on the Motown! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Very fun. I'm big into music and singing and dancing when I cook. But I also love my treadmill. We call him Monster. So fun. Here's to more goodness!

  15. I've got some of those tunes stuck in my brain now!

  16. Goodness, I only recognize a few of those! But I was checked out as far as popular music goes from mid-1970's right up til now :)

  17. What a great playlist - it really gets you moving! I work out first thing in the morning to a step video and it really gets me set up for the day (as well as filling an hour).

  18. Very good, for you on the treadmill. I even knew some of them.

  19. Lots of great songs. Tom Jones! Oh so hot.

    Good for you on the t-mill!

  20. I'm of the original hippie generation - but I can still groove to these!

  21. Works for me! I was young and carefree in the 80s!

  22. Tom Jones' rendition of "Kiss" 200x better than Prince's!

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