Tuesday 12 April 2016

Were You a Soap Opera Watcher?

As I was watching Ellen last night, I laughed at her campy soap opera she created to advertise for a mattress company. It got me thinking about my childhood and how ingrained soap operas were in our lives back then. My mother watched a soap opera called "The Edge of Night", as well as "Days of Our Lives". I can still see that hour glass opening and the words, "Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives." But the one that I believe was her favourite, and therefore, mine was "Another World".

I watched with my mother. I probably was far too young to understand some of the story lines. However, I do still remember some of the characters. For example, from  "Another World" came Mackenzie Corey and his wife, Rachel. I also recall Marlena, Bo, Hope, and some guy named Patch from "Days of our Lives". I honestly don't remember any characters from "The Edge of Night". ( I do recall thinking it was a creepy title, as a kid).

When I went to university, EVERYONE watched "The Young and the Restless". Of course, there was no DVR back then, so hopefully your classes were scheduled so you could catch some episodes throughout the week. I think it was also shown on tvs in various lounges around campus.

I do not watch any American soap operas now. I did not get into any of the evening "soap operas" such as "Dallas", "Knots Landing", or "Dynasty". However, I do admit a slight addiction to "Coronation Street". I've been watching for many years now. I like the fact that it is only a half hour long and doesn't require a big time commitment. Also, I have it set to record every day, so I can just watch when I want. There have been some story lines that I have loved, and others that bug me so much that I fast forward through those segments. What I really like is there are characters who have been on the show for many years. I also like the way they act a bit more like real people, for example, they actually eat. Nobody ever ate on other soap operas. They also looked perfect all the time. Not on "Coronation Street". They might be in a bathrobe, or just hanging out on their couch watching tv. In American soap operas, they all stood while talking and were perfectly made up and coiffed.

Any other watchers out there? Did you watch with your mom when you were younger? Or do you despise them altogether?


  1. Didn't watch when young, because back then, we listened to our kid's series, on the radio!!!!!!!! Well, I am 79! ,-)

    But later, I did watch the night time ones. Like Dallas and Dynasty.

    And watched some of the afternoon ones, for a while.

    Guess I had a varied smattering of "Soaps." :-)


  2. I love Corrie as we call it over here! You can visit the set you know! Where are you up to in the storylines?
    My HG watches the Australian soap Home and Away and that does my head in. Because NO ONE EVER eats on tree. Try walk in, looking gorgeous, go to the fridge, poor a big glass of fresh orange and promptly walk off leaving it. Same with meals. Much prep goes on. They never EAT IT. It drives me to distraction!!

  3. I used to watch General Hospital and the Y and R. I remember skipping class in grade 13 so I could see Luke and Laura get married. The only one I watch now is Corrie too. On pvr of course so I can fast forward through the stupid parts as well.

    1. Hi little Red Hen, I think you are a new commenter. Welcome! -Jenn

  4. I have never been a soap opera watcher - in fact I hardly watch any television apart from the odd programme which appeals to me.

  5. I must admit...I watched General Hospital for years.
    When my grandparents finally got a TV in the very early eighties, my grandfather (of all people!) became a fan as well. We would often compare notes on our favorite show and it always made me giggle that HE was watching it too.
    But, those days are long gone. Not much time for TV anymore, and I generally fall asleep as soon as I sit down anyway.

  6. OHMYGOSH...so funny! Another World was my mom's absolute favourite soap. She never missed an episode. I used to watch with her when I was very young and didn't understand much of it. Still, it was kind of nice hanging out with my mom and sharing this. I remember there was some kid on the show that they called Ali (Allie?...not sure of the spelling) and I liked the name so much that I thought that if I was ever to have a daughter I'd like to call her that. Fast forward into the future, my younger daughter's full name is Alexandra but we call her...you guessed it...Allie!

    My mom also got into General Hospital for awhile and I watched with her occasionally but not often enough to really get into it. Other than that, I never was a fan of soap operas. There seemed so repetitive and predictable, and I found myself getting bored very quickly.

  7. Coronation Street is a family event & tradition - we are preparing the 4th generation by setting up the toys in front of the tv while Corrie is playing. I loved snuggling with my Gran & she watched Coronation Street at 2:30 every Wednesday. Ah the memories.